Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Stuff in my purse

Riveting title, no? Well, I'm at school 30 minutes early with nothing to do and no laptop, so I figured this would be a fine way to waste time!

1. Keys/pink pepper spray
2. Epi-Pen Jr (for KayTar)
3. Ventolin inhaler (for me)
4. Polka dot umbrella that I purchased today after getting soaked twice yesterday
5. GermX hand sanitizer
6. Paper printout of class schedule
7. Wallet
8. Special K chocolate chip protein bar
9. Cellphone
10. Chapstick
11. Pen
12. Emergency OTC meds (Imodium, Advil, Benadryl, Excedrin, Advil Cold)
13. Feminine hygiene products
14. Random receipt from Kohls
15. iPod touch (which isn't in my purse since I'm using it to write this)

How about you? What do you keep stashed in your purse?

PS: Both kids are back in school today. Hallelujah!


painted maypole said...

about 5 times more than that, but not on purpose

Julie said...

Check for Zoe's childcare that I have to hand in
Lip balm
emergency diaper
notepad and pen
random pink hairbands
yellow crayon
dinosaur tattoo
princess necklace
amazon gift card
bobby pin
paper clip
feminine hygiene products

Guess I need to clean out my purse

Allison said...

Ooh, fun game! I'm also commuting to school all day right now, and my backpack is similar, but also with:
- my tiny, perfect HP netbook
- a mobile broadband stick, so that I can work on my 90 minute commute
- my Sigg
- hand sanitizer...

Kyla said...

Allison: I carry my backpack, too, which is where my netbook and Sigg go! :) Of course, I forgot my laptop today, the ONLY day I had free time before class.

Also, I briefly had 2 Taco Bell soft tacos in my purse briefly today. Oh, the nutrition!

jmaassen said...

my purse has:
checkbook, wallet, chapstick,body lotion, gum,lip gloss (2) meds ( imitrix, Birth control) numerous reciepts, excedrine, pen, name badge, hand sanitizer, inhaler, grocery list, crushers baseball ticket stub, wedding shower favor, feminine hygiene products.

nylonthread said...

I just bought a new, smaller purse recently and had to pare down significantly.

1. keys
2. lipstick in compact
3. iphone
4. wallet
5. green rubberband (for kids-chopstick hack at asian restaurants)
6. pen
7. extra earrings
8. 4 tickets to Six Flags
9. Regal Cinema gift card
10. dr's note: "naphcon-A"
11. Jazzercise pass
12. frequent buyer's cards for dunkin donuts coffee & kid's consignment
13. feminine hygiene products
14. fuel purchase receipt
15. rail-transit fast pass

Fun list-making!!