Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just like a miracle.

It feels like we've had at least a month of KayTar related drama, maybe even two. Nothing major, just enough to make me feel like I've had to be "on" all the time. This week has been amazing in comparison. Her fluid intake is astronomical. She is consistently meeting or exceeding her daily calories WITHOUT Pediasure. She is sleeping through the night without night vomiting. Okay, she is staying up until after 11pm, but she IS sleeping, and she isn't vomiting! I haven't had to bother the pediatrician for anything this week. She hasn't had an episode in 22 days. It is such a relief.

I know from history that life won't stay this way. She'll have an episode. She'll stop eating. She'll start vomiting. She'll refuse fluids. She'll stop peeing. All the progress we've made with her eating will be erased in the course of a week. And then we will start it all over again. It isn't pessimism. It is life. But the break we've had? Priceless. I can't remember the last time she was exceeding her calories or not drinking Pediasure every day. It is amazing. The longer we are able to do this, the better. When the episode finally does hit, she's going to have some nice reserves built up. So even though we fully realize we spend our days chasing our tails with her eating/drinking, it makes it worth it when we can get an edge on what is coming. It feels good.

I do find it a litte humorous that the things she struggles most with on a daily basis are the things most people don't think about. Sleeping, eating, drinking, pooping, peeing. We are talking basic. These are the things babies are born doing. She's two and it is an uphill battle every day. I always took these basic functions for granted, because they are inborn and necessary for life. You'd think hunger=eating, but what if you don't feel hunger? You'd think thirst=drinking, but what if the thought of drinking made you gag? You'd think that tired=sleep, but what if the feeling of your sinuses draining the tiniest bit induced gagging and vomiting? I can't blame her, if I felt things the way she does, I'm sure I'd be just as reluctant to meet those needs. And so we work our hardest to keep her at a healthy level without pushing her past where she can be comfortable. And weeks like this, everything just lines up. It is perfect. So perfect. The whole week has been one gigantic sigh of relief. We don't have weeks like this very often, but when we do it feels like a miracle.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BubTar's Beginners Guide to Skating

BubTar received rollerskates for his birthday.

BubTar: Oh, its my dream that came true!

Me: You really wanted rollerskates?

BubTar: Well, no, but now I really do and I think I could have dreamed about wanting them!

And he received all the safety equipment that goes along with them, which he calls armor.

He is very sad he cannot wear his wrist guards to school, because "If I can't wear them to school, nobody will know how cool I am, Mom!" What a pity.

Without further ado, BubTar's Guide to Skating:

Find your footing.

Smile for the camera.





Decide holding onto Mom's hand isn't such a bad idea.

And repeat.

*For the record, he was on his feet every time I took a picture...but by the time it would flash, he was on the ground. I didn't just keep shooting as he flailed about. :) His second time out went much smoother, though!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

BubTar: Age Four

I am so, so, so, so, so, so very tired. So I am afraid this will largely be pictures. (Why didn't anyone tell me how impossible it is to blog with a purpose for 5 days straight?)

Four was amazing and beautiful and fun and full of amazing moments of realizing what a big kid he was becoming.

He rode his first carnival ride.

He took swimming lessons. He took to the water like a fish. He could swim a bit on his own by the end of his first 2-week session.

We went to the beach for his first time. He likes the pool much more...the beach is too "dirty".

He started school.

First airplane ride.

First trip to Disneyworld.

He got a trampoline!

He learned to read, write, and figure out what Josh and I are spelling back and forth to each other. Its dangerous here lately!

He worked on his photography. Nice shot!

He got to bring home the class pet. Yes, it is a stuffed sheep. He had to read all of his blends to the sheep and count to 100.

He camped out for the first time!

He went to the zoo for the first time that he can remember. He went once before as a wee one.

And, he turned five.

We love you so, sweet boy.

BubTar: Age Three

BubTar discovered this new pink blob would one day be his partner in you see their shady little eyes? *lol*

He was the cutest floral engineer in history (floral engineer=flower girl, except you know, the anatomical difference).

He went fishing for the first time.

He went bald.

He climbed a tree.

He and KayTar joined a gang.

On his 4th birthday. He just HAD to wear his tuxedo. He was definitely the best dressed child in Chuck E Cheese.

As Joey says, "How YOU doin'?"

I will do my best to get to Age Four tonight, once I have the photo from the 5th birthday party. I cannot believe my baby is now 5 years old!