Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hey! I'm still alive!

Soooo, yeah. I started a new blog and then just disappeared here. If you are looking for me and KayTar, we can be found here, (I would put a hyperlink, but Blogger is being a twerp). I really like the format over there! But I have a bit of time so I wanted to post a little update here, too.

1. My mom has breast cancer. She should be having surgery this month and hopefully she will get the all clear after that, but we shall see.

2. KayTar is married now. Want to know more?

3. BubTar just got his Arrow of Light in cub scouts. He'll be a boy scout soon!

4. I got my graduation application approval notice today! Woot! Almost FREE! (also, I have a wicked case of senioritis and need to buckle down...)

5. KayTar had a rocking Harry Potter party for her EIGHTH birthday. I had a lot of fun with it!

6. We are going on a RV roadtrip for Spring Break next week! 

7. Other update-y stuff... Still don't have Medicaid, AGH! KayTar DID lose half her docs and therapists, AGH! But we're making progress, so on we stumble. ;)

8. Kids are still cute. See?