Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One of THOSE days.

Yesterday morning sucked, so last night I did extra prep and woke up earlier to make sure this morning wasn't a replay. Everything went off without a hitch! It was a splendid morning, but once I was at the kids' school organizing book shelves, I started to feel a familiar tightness in my chest. I thought it might pass, so I ignored it for as long as I could, but it started taking considerably more effort than usual to breathe, so I took a couple of hits from my Ventolin inhaler. It helped a little, but not quite enough, so I left a little early so that I would have time to run by the house to take a Benadryl and a couple of puffs of Symbicort before heading to my classes. The thought of all of the walking (all the garage stairs, the trek up to my building, ect) in my current state was incredibly unpleasant. Long story short, by the time I got to school I was breathing much easier...however, I nearly passed out in history class from the Benadryl and I'm pretty sure my eyeballs drifted back into my head of their own accord at least a few times. I got some Starbucks before music class and managed to stay conscious for it.

During music, I got an email from KayTar's school nurse. Her pre-feed glucose reading was 58, but she was asymptomatic. I asked her to recheck it when her feed was through and she did. It was 113. Kind of a jump, but much better. After class, I was walking to the car talking to Josh about KayTar's low reading (her second in as many weeks), when I got a call from the nurse. KayTar had vomited up her lunchtime feed. I asked her to dose her with Zofran and told her that I would call my mom to pick her up. When she gets hypoglycemic, sometimes she doesn't tolerate her feed. I jogged up all the stairs in the parking lot and instantly regretted it. Stupid lungs. Once I got in the car, I realized that my gas gauge was on E. Crap. While I waited to get out of the garage, I called the nurse back for a bit of info...was she coughing before she vomited or was it straight up puke? It was the latter. We briefly discussed how we might handle her asymptomatic low numbers in the future. (I'm still not exactly sure what caused the vomiting, but I think it was glucose related...she has no fever and hasn't vomited again. She seems okay now, but that could be the Zofran talking.)

Once I was out of the garage, I asked my GPS how to get to the nearest gas station. It directed me further into the city and I obeyed, it drove me right into a traffic jam. When I finally reached my destination, IT DID NOT EXIST. I asked my GPS for a second gas station, and headed towards the location. It directed me into a not so great part of town. I turned down a road that had a busted up, abandoned boat in the middle of the street that had been tagged with graffiti. It was no bueno. Then I reached the supposed gas station and it DID NOT EXIST! I had a few choice words for Dr. Corday (my British GPS) at this point. She drove me into the ghetto for nothing! I wasted gas on two separate wild goose chases. I was out of patience by now, so I called Josh and told him that my afternoon had suddenly become a clusterfLuck and I was getting on the freeway and if I ran out of gas, he'd have to come save me because I was not getting off the freeway until I saw a gas station with my own two eyes. Thankfully, I made it to a gas station in time and did not need rescuing...but I turned off the AC to conserve gas and it was not pretty. Fall does not exist here.

When I finally got to my mom's house, KayTar was looking pretty good. The Zofran had stayed down and she seemed herself. We left, stopped at the store for some Pedialyte for her and lunch for me, and headed home. When we got him it was after 2pm and I usually leave to pick BubTar up at 2:30pm. There wasn't time for me to give KayTar a slow Pedialyte feed and leave in time to get him, so I asked my mom to pick him up for me. She agreed, so I set up KayTar's feed and fed myself. I kept expecting to hear them at the door, but I didn't. My mom usually picks him up in the front office to avoid the pick-up line, but I figured she just went through the line this time. Then it got later...and later...then it was past the time that I usually get home with the kids, so I called my mom, thinking that she had decided to let him hang out at her house for a while...but SHE HAD FORGOTTEN TO PICK HIM UP! Oh geez. She left right away to get him, but a few minutes later I got a call from the school saying he was waiting in the office. Poor guy. WHAT A DAY!

The kids' school has an open house tonight, but I don't think we're going to make it. I still don't know what is up with KayTar's vomiting and we don't like to share our germs with others. It is only 4:30, but I think we should call it a day right now...just to be safe! ;)


Becca said...

Oh no! What a mess. I hope tomorrow goes PERFECTLY.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

It can only get better!

Julie said...

Holy crap! Just gotta hunker down and write that day off as quickly as possible.

InTheFastLane said...

Oh jeez....hate those days. really. I also hate getting Gas in gettos. makes me nervous and I end up only putting in $5 and getting the heck out of there. Hope KT is better.

~aj~ said...

Oh my word, I hope it was an early bedtime for ALL of you. What a horrible, no good day!

As I was reading this post I was thinking how I needed to say something about what a superstar your mom is and then I got to the part about her forgetting BubTar and nearly spit out my drink. Bless her heart...I bet she felt terrible.

I hope today is a much better day for all of you. Sounds like Josh was the only one that escaped yesterday unscathed!

Katie said...

Here's to a NEW day!

But forgive me for laughing just a little. That sounded way to close to an average day for me =P