Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

BubTar has diarrhea now, which is a perfect metaphor for the week thus far.

Yesterday, his fever was staying in the 102-103ish range...getting as high as 103.8 while on Tylenol/Motrin every 3 hours! He peed once Sunday, once Monday, and once Tuesday...just a bit shy of 24 hour in between, so I emailed the pediatrician to see if we needed to sneak in a quick outpatient chem 7 today...and low and behold, he urinated a second time shortly after I sent it. Perfect timing, right? His fever was so high when he went to bed that I didn't feel comfortable sleeping through the night and letting his meds lapse, even briefly, so I went to bed at midnight and set an alarm for 2am. Then I woke up for the day at 5:30 as usual. Super fun times.

Back tracking to last night, after KayTar's pre-bedtime feed she vomited up about 2 ounces of it. That always raises the "Overfull or getting sick?" question, so we tucked her in next to a vomit bucket just to be safe. She was fine through the night, but this morning she only tolerated half of her morning feed before complaining about being too full and having stomach pains. This complicated the issue of whether she was sick or not, so I took her temp and it was normal. We decided to proceed with the day as normal, BubTar at my mom's and KayTar at school, unless something changed. I sent her with a note explaining her half-feed to the nurse, in case she got hypoglycemic and needed her lunch feed sooner in the day. BubTar and I were late leaving the house due to a number of different issues and I spent the entire day preoccupied with how the kids were faring.

However, I did make it to both classes, orgo and orgo lab, and neither of the kids had crisis situations while I was away. The day hit an all time low as I rushed to the cafeteria to get a quick lunch before heading home, only to discover that it is the first day of a new month...the month after my bank card expired and my new one was not activated yet! DECLINED! Awesome feeling. Even better? When the cashier, who I have never met before, admonished me by saying, "You need to learn to do some things for yourself!" when I mentioned that I thought my husband had already activated our new cards (he texted me about them in class, so I assumed he had activated them both...ass/u/me, I get it.). Then I stood near the register and called the activation number on my cell only to be LOCKED OUT OF THE SYSTEM. I had to abandon my lunch and go home hungry, and more than a little pissed off. On the way home, my mom informed me of BubTar's gastrointestinal distress.

Now it is late afternoon, the kids are home resting. BubTar hasn't peed since last night. Again. He is still running a low grade fever with meds, but at least it is LOW grade now. I count that as an improvement. KayTar is a little snotty, but no ketones in her urine yet and her temp is teetering at 100, but I'm still hoping she magically makes it through the next two days. I have my volunteer shift at the hospital tonight, classes tomorrow, and a shadowing gig on Friday...I'm worried that adding another sick kid (the one that is much harder to treat) to my mom's nannying gig might send her screaming into the night at this point. The Universe is definitely testing my resolve to be a full time student right now...and guess what? The Universe can suck it. ;)


Beck said...

"You need to learn to do some things yourself"? Oh, hell. I had a bank clerk rag me out because I didn't know how much the most recent bills paid were. Of course, they were all for my husband's personal business and I had no REASON to know them, but she was SURE that I should.

Aren't you glad I told you that awesome story?

I hope you kids are getting better. What a crappy day.

Chrissy said...

Poor Bub, poor you. I hope it passes over quickly. I find it hilarious and rude that the cashier would say that to you. If she only knew!

Also, you have just reminded me that I received a new bank card last week as well and haven't touched it. I'm 35 and I'm still learning to do things for myself. ha ha.

InTheFastLane said...

That does sound really really poopy.
Lets hope that the germs are just getting out of they way for the year?

alejna said...

That comment from the cashier would leave me fuming.

Glad to hear that your resolve is still intact in spite of the rigourous testing. Here's hoping the tests get less strenuous.

Becca said...

OMG the cashier. So incredibly rude!!

I usually activate my stupid card standing in line somewhere and then I get really frustrated with the menu system and leave huffy and empty handed.

So, so sorry about all the sick kids! I was hoping the school sick would give you at least a few weeks to settle in this year!

Magpie said...

You, you will beat the universe.

RazzberryMomma said...

So, I have to know... Did you leave the cafeteria before or after you slapped the heck outta the cashier? OMG!

I's sorry things are so crappy right now! Hope the kiddos feel better very soon!

Julie said...

Sending you healing vibes through the computer.