Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So, this happened...

I graduated with honors this past Saturday! Feels super good to be done! Originally, I planned to go to medical school next, but I'm not willing to sacrifice that kind of time anymore. KayTar is my #1 patient and the rest can wait. Knowing your kiddo has a progressive disease really reinforces the message that time is a limited and precious commodity and something just are not worth the cost. A PA graduate program is definitely on my radar for the future, if/when the time seems right, but for now I'm just DONE! Hooray. We all survived! Yesterday at her doctor's appointment, KayTar was telling everyone (receptionist, doctors, random folks on the elevator) "My mom graduated from college this weekend!" :)

Other important updates:
- My mom's surgery was successful and she is cancer-free! She still needs to be watched closely, but so far, so good.
- KayTar is still happily married and doing pretty well medically-speaking. Her gut is still iffy and we may be heading to a gj-tube and she needed oxygen after field day last week (the temp is climbing outside, so this will likely become more frequent), but overall her docs agree she is doing well and has been pretty healthy.
- KayTar finally has Medicaid! WOOT!
- We had a great time on our RV trip, read about it here: https://lifewithk.jux.com/1139372

Maybe now that I'm done with school, I'll have a bit more time to update here...but if not, you can always keep up with K, at least, on the other blog!