Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lovey love love: Part One

Because I'm on vacation (WITHOUT INTERNET, oh the torture) for a few days, I decided to set up a few automatically posted reposts for while I'm away. I've never reposted anything before, not even as filler, so this is a first. Back when I first posted the story of wee Josh and wee Kyla and how they fell in love over these here Internets, many of you were not reading yet, so I hope you enjoy!

Friend Seeking Friend

When I was in the eighth grade, we got The Internet. I'm totally dating myself here guys, now you all know I am a baby. I'm sure not many of you had The Internet in the eighth grade. It was so exciting! I could pretend to be sixteen! Every thirteen year old really wants to be sixteen, because they are so MATURE! And respected! I spent the first 3 years of my Internet life as a 16 year old. Luckily, no one seemed to notice. But really, that is neither here nor there. In the midst of pretending to be my brand new mature, respected, sixteen year old friends and I began chatting it up with real live people we didn't know. BOY people. I should mention here I had a 3D boyfriend, but he was only thirteen. When you are Internet-sixteen, real live-thirteen is quite a drag. So Friday nights, my best friend came over and we pretended to be super cool sixteen year olds who flirt with boys online. We had a blast. Of course, Saturday we still rode bikes around the neighorhood, but Friday nights? We were adults.

We heard about a website for our local radio station, called...(wait for it)...CyberLove. It was set up like a mail station, you set up a mailbox with a profile, and people could search and exchange messages. Because I had a boyfriend (stupid thirteen year old boyfriend), I was honest (ha!) and put my box in the "Friend seeking Friend" section. I think I put that I was fifteen, because this was local, and what if I met someone? Lying that you are three years older is TOO much, but lying about two years could just be a mathematical error, I guess. I think my SN was a character from a Christopher Pike novel, I didn't even know how to pronounce it, I just liked the character.

I found a boy, who was also "fifteen", and I emailed him. I have no idea what I said, but he replied. His name was spacemanZERO. He lived in a neaby suburb. He loved the Smashing Pumpkins and computer games. He was nice. We exchanged a few messages before we divulved we both had significant (I use the word loosely) others. His girlfriend was long distance, he was introduced through a mutual friend and they had met only one time. My boyfriend, well, he used to burp and blow it in my face at the lunch table. We continued to exchange emails, because we were "Friends Seeking Friends" (there isn't anything wrong with that!) and we both knew about the other's other.

Then SHE broke up with him! "OMG, Josh, how COULD she?!? I'm so sorry.(not!)" And inexplicably, the burping in my face became too much to handle...and I dumped Burpy. We were FREE...we could have, say, moved our profiles to the "Seeking Hetero Relationship" section, if we wanted. Instead, we started calling each other on the phone. We talked every day. After a few weeks of the phone business, we decided to meet.



*evil laughter*

His avatar.

Now don't cheat and by digging through my archives to find the rest of the story...then what will you read while I'm away?!


S said...

good stuff, kyla. i'm hooked.

crazymumma said...

crazy chick.

have a good holiday!

Woman in a Window said...

Fun! I'll come back for the rest.
But for a mom who did NOT have internet when in highschool this is a little disconcerting, too. Hum, how am I going to keep up with my "16" year old?

alejna said...

I'm intrigued! Your adolescent escapades sound much more exciting that any I had. Okay, I had no adolescent escapades. Nor internet. Actually no computer, though we did have them at school in Junior High. (Does TRS-80 mean anything to anyone else out there?)