Friday, July 11, 2008

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Atlanta...

Might I suggest Concourse C of the Atlanta Airport?

The crown jewel of the accommodations is attached seating without armrests, thereby allowing you to stretch across a few seat at a time while only minorly altering the curvature of your spine. Also, there is an all night Charley's where you can buy beer and cheese steaks. But I hope you don't want french fries (delicious, horrible for you, cheesy bacon fries, SIGH) because they run out a little too quickly for my liking (like before it was my turn to order). The line can be troublesome, too, I don't think it was ever smaller than 30 people during my DELIGHTFUL stay.


The CDF (and Tara, who I harassed at ungodly hours of the morning) was so amazing. They did offer to get me a cab and a hotel last night/this morning. I passed because I thought a few hours of sleep was just going to make me feel QUITE cranky (I can be a bit of a bear where sleep is concerned), and the added stress of leaving (not to mention I still couldn't have gotten my bag), made it seem like it wasn't worth it. Plus now I can cross "Sleep in an airport" off of my life experiences list.


If you stare at the "NEWS EXCHANGE" sign at an angle with bleary sleep-deprived eyes for an extended period of time, it morphs into "NEW SEX CHANGE" and it might make you wonder what exactly goes on behind that nighttime lock down gate.


There were countless flights that were canceled or missed. I was definitely not the only person who was stranded. The terminal was full last night, I had to walk around for 30 minutes or so to find an open section of seats to take my little 30 minutes catnap on. About 1/2 of the people I talked to today had spent the night in the airport, too. It sure was something.


It was really quite an interesting people watching experience. I think someone should do a study regarding the instant camaraderie created in even these very mildly stressful situations. People who wouldn't typically say anything to their fellow travelers are suddenly very nearly best friend material. There was never crankiness among travelers, but quite a few expletives dropped in the direction of the airlines. AirTran=ENEMY. Travelers=BROTHERS IN ARMS. Fascinating.


I'm home. I've showered. Brushed my teeth. Taken a nap. It was heavenly. I'm still really disappointed I couldn't make it there in time, but hopefully, there will be other opportunities like this one.


Becca said...

Well I'm sorry you got stuck but it made for a very funny post!!

Unknown said...

sometimes adversity brings out the best in people.
great post kyla.

moplans said...

Hi that's me above.

flutter said...

you are awesome

Ben and Bennie said...

The News Exchange part cracked me up! Hartsfield Airport - God, I hate that place. BTW, did you see any of the Geico Cavemen walking around?

Christine said...

I'm so sorry you got stuck and so proud of you for trying.

Also, good to know on the Atlanta terminals. Glad you're home.

Lisa said...

Hilarious, Kyla. That was perfect. I love reading your posts. New Sex Change...HA!

Glad you've recoupped!

~aj~ said...

I had to read the NEW SEX CHANGE aloud to Matt. That was hilarious.

I totally commend your ability to make your stay sound like a fun experience. I hope you're able to make the trip again sometime.

Bon said...

dude. that so sucks...missing today, missing the speech. i'm really disappointed for you.

BUT...being a connoisseur of airport sleeping, i must say i enjoyed this post immensely. the people watching IS awesome, isn't it?

still. hugs.

painted maypole said...

i don't know what concourse it was, but I've slept on the floor there. i far prefer staying with family in the area. ;)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Poor Kyla! That soundslike a nightmare. Especially the sex exchange part. At least it's a *new* sex exchange though.

Run ANC said...

Ha! Misreading the NEWS EXCHANGE sign would be exactly where my mind would lead if I slept in an airport.