Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A list, because I am lazy.

1. Me. I'm sick. Yesterday I had nagging nausea all day, so much so that I took a pregnancy test...I'll save you the suspense, it was negative. Then I figured out I was nauseous because my sinuses were draining into my throat, making me feel all kinds of gaggy. I thought maybe it was just allergies, but today I woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy head and that definitively sick feeling. So sick it is. Of course, it is. We are overdue or this really. And I started my summer mini last week, so of course I'm sick. 10+ hours of math a week, not to mention the assignments, is enough to make anyone sick. Have I mentioned I hate math? Because, I do.

2. Peanut Butter and Joshie. Oh man, does that kitty have personality. She is such fun! She is so cute when she "hunts". She curls her little tail up like a piggie's tail, a perfect little corkscrew, and pounces. Josh's allergies have been fine, even though the kitten is spending time in our common areas now. On Father's Day, I pointed out that he hadn't been sneezing at all, and lo and behold, an hour later his allergies were acting up...but we weren't even at home with the cat. Good try, Josh. So, they are adjusting well to each other, psychosomatic allergies aside.

3. KayTar and BubTar.
They are BOTH in camps this week, so my schedule looks like this: Drive BubTar to camp by 9am. Drive KayTar across town to camp by 9:30am. Study at the bookstore until 11:30. Drive back across town to pick up BubTar by noon. Eat lunch. Drive BACK ACROSS TOWN to pick up KayTar at 2:30. Drive back across town to get home. (then I also have to drive to campus 3 nights a week) All this driving coincides perfectly with the oh-so-affordable gas prices. Sheesh. But they are both having fun, so it is worth it. KayTar asked to go to school Saturday and was sadly rebuffed, by Sunday she actually broke down into SOBS when we told her she couldn't go. She has such a good time there! This bodes well for preschool in the fall, I think. I was worried about her adjusting, but I think she'll handle it just fine!


Julie Pippert said...

I'm sorry you have to drive so much but am glad it's worth it.

GL with math.

And oh boy feel better soon...hopefully before October.

I wish wish wish my kids were in camp. I wish wish wish my mother's helper wasn't MIA. I wish wish wish my allergies didn't suck so bad this week. I wish wish wish that Persistence wasn't being quite so three right now, so three in fact I had to dump my basket and do the empty-handed walk of shame out of the store last night which meant I DID NOT GET MY ALLERGY MEDICINE.

AJU5's Mom said...

Math isn't that bad (I teach it - so I guess I am biased)!

Glad to hear KayTar loves school. Now she just needs to learn the difference between weekdays and weekends I guess... I bet it won't be a problem when she is older and wants to relax on the weekends.

Ben and Bennie said...

I'm allergic to cats as well but we've had one in the house the past couple of years. Any of the over-the -counter antihistamines will help Josh a great deal.

Good luck with studying this time of year. There would be too many distractions for me during the summer!

Woman in a Window said...

Funny, those allergies! I got a call from school 2 weeks ago to pick up my son because his allergies were really bothering him and making him feel sick. When i went to school TO TALK TO HIM about it, I reminded him that he didn't have allergies. His dad has allergies. He had a just fine afternoon AT SCHOOL!

natalie said...

Oh, Kyla! You don't need to be sick right now! I hope it passes quickly. Although my heart did quicken a bit before you told us the results.

I'm SO thrilled the kiddos are having fun at camp! I've decided I love camp days, even though I was a tad bit hesitant to send M.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry you are feeling bad! Nothing is worse then feeling bad in the heat IMO! I am glad to hear that the kids are doing SO well in camps! That is funny about the allergies and Josh...I am glad the kitty is so great! Post pics soon
Love, Cori

flutter said...


Family Adventure said...

Feel better soon!

Glad to hear the kidlets are enjoying camp. I agree, this does bode well for the fall :)


InTheFastLane said...

I hope you feel better soon! But, how could you with all that math and the price of gas :)

motherbumper said...

Commuting and cold suck but KayTar embracing camp? Absolutely wonderful.

Oh and those allergic reactions? Totally psychosomatic for sure.

Anonymous said...

Summer sicknesses suck. Say that 3 times fast.

So glad to hear that Kaytar is lovin' her camp. I agree that preschool should be a big hit with her!

Feel better mama.

Beck said...

We have some sort of endless summer cold right now - but my kids are still in school! HAHAHAAHA, little Canadian suckers.

Janet said...

Sorry you're feeling unwell.

Camp is a double-edged sword, yes? My kids love it but, oh, the driving!

ewe are here said...

Sounds like all the driving is well worth it if she's crying to go every day.

Hope you're feeling better.