Friday, June 20, 2008

Clearly, we can never become Amish.


4:30: Storm. Power goes out.

4:31: BubTar asks, "Does the XBOX take electricity?"

4:33: BubTar asks, "Does the DVD player take electricity?"

4:34: BubTar asks, "What about the TV in your room, does THAT take electricity?"

4:35: BubTar asks, "And the XBOX 360? I guess that one takes electricity, too. Or maybe not?"

4:36: I suggested he go read some comics by window light, because they do not need electricity.

4:42: Whiiiiiiiiining.

4:43: Plug his portable DVD player into the battery back up system. 13 whole minutes without electricity. We are clearly not made of pioneer stock.

4:45: I do my homework by the light of the window. Later I realize I skipped over about 7 problems because I couldn't see that they were marked.

6:00: I leave for class. Josh takes the kids to his parents' house for dinner. Still no power.

10:00: I call from school, after my class is over. Josh says they are home, but there is still no power.

10:07: I call my parents, they have power and two spare rooms.

10:26: I get to our house, Josh and the kids are in the backyard, playing by campfire light.

10:30: I go in to pack up our stuff, by lantern.

11:00: We get to my parents' house and unload. KayTar tells my dad, "I need to get in my bed now. I need to sleep." Despite her ardent wish for sleep, the kids have to be bathed because they've been rolling around outside for hours.

11:30: KayTar and BubTar fall asleep. KayTar was so tired she fell asleep while a Franklin movie was on (to quiet them down from all the excitement). She never passes out like that.


6:30: I wake up. Coffee time. I am subjected to FOX News way before I'm ready for it.

7:00: BubTar wakes up AND wakes up KayTar. This is WAY too early for KayTar. WAY. TOO. EARLY.

8:15: We are all ready to go. Load in the car. Drive by our house and let the dog out.

8:35: Drop BubTar at VBS.

8:36: Drive to KayTar's camp.

9:20: Drop her off.

9:30: Do homework at Borders.

11:00: Drive my mom to fabric store downtown.

12:00 Browse vitamin section at Whole Foods.

12:30: KayTar's recital and luncheon.

2:00: KayTar passes out as soon as we get in the car. She's so tired I can't tell if she is going into an episode or is just deliriously tired at first. Verdict: Deliriously tired.

2:30 Pick up BubTar from my dad. He's clearly getting sick with the cold I've been nursing. Yay.

3:00 Get home. Sweet, sweet home. Ahhhhhhhhh.


mommamia said...

We could never become Amish either. We like our creature comforts just a little too much.

Anonymous said...

First just wanted to point out that you used your son's real name. Not sure how important this is or is not to you :).

Second, I feel for you. Last year, we went 3.5 DAYS without power. We live in the country, so that means, no heat, not hot water, hell, no water period (well pump needs electricity). How would Bubtar feel if he couldn't flush the toilet?

Eventually we begged a generator. That got us the well, the furnace, the refrigerator and 1 (one) light in the kitchen. It was better than nothin' but this city kids who lives & dies on the Internet was not a happy camper.

Anonymous said...

I just read a book with Amish characters and incidently, made Amish Friendship bread tonight.

At least one of us is trying ;P

flutter said...

teach em to churn butter ;p

amanda said...

Oh that sounds like the 3rd level of hell...

natalie said...

Oh, BubTar...a guy after my own heart. Not that I care too much about gaming systems, but electricity is a necessity. Power out at in the evening is the worst time without power.

I'm glad you're home and that KayTar did not have an episode!

Julie Pippert said...

What a schedule. We only had our power out for minutes---sorry yours was longer!

Also really sorry you got Fox at 6:30. Wow.

Glad KayTar was simply tired!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

We lost our power too. I kept walking into rooms trying to switch on lights because that's the short level of memory i have.

Run ANC said...

BubTar cracks me up.

I'd probably go into withdrawal spasms without TV.

carrie said...

Our power went out for 2 hours last week and what did my husband do after a mere 10 minutes?

He fired up his generator.

Oh yes. I am man w/generator, hear me roar.

It was so embarrassing.

Becca said...

Hahaha, "Was subjected to Fox News way before I was ready for it" sounds like EVERY FAMILY VACATION I'VE EVER BEEN ON (thank goodness Ryan can't stand it either).

painted maypole said...

funny. sad, but funny

Amy Y said...

I HATE when the power goes out. HATE it!! It's almost as bad as the internet going out... I could never be Amish either. And I'm Ok with that knowledge. :)

Sorry to hear about the computer, too ~ but it definitely sounds like you got a nice perk with your hubby the tech genius!

crazymumma said...

our children panic with no electricity.

you are wicked busy woman!