Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Party in my Crib, 12am.

KayTar used to have one and only one lovey. Her Gee.

Then she fell in love with Dolly in a toy aisle at the store and she was added to the list of Must Haves.

Dolly sporting her heart monitor (she actually has a heart on her dress, directly under the monitor) and hospital bracelet.

Soon after Dolly was added, KayTar found Bunny in the depths of the toybox. Bunny was BubTar's as a baby. Bunny is a pull-string musical toy, who happens to be Peter Rabbit. It hung on BubTar's crib and played for him nightly, and then eventually was tied to his toddler bed where it continued to serenade him...poor Peter was discarded sometime around his move to the twin bed he now inhabits. KayTar decided Bunny was also a Must Have.

And thus, the Bedtime Brigade was born!

On day outings, we typically only bring Gee, because she always requires Gee. Bunny and Dolly can stay in the crib some days, other days they have to come along. We're never really sure how it will play out. We just make sure everyone gets tucked into bed at night and life runs smoothly for the most part.

Well, last night, KayTar used her burgeoning verbal skills to request additional bedtime friends, here is the guest list to the Party in her Crib:

That One Bunny (different from Bunny)
Chicken, the tiny Rooster from the top of her Little People farm

Chicken kept jumping out of the crib, causing KayTar to cry out, "Fall down! Mama! FALL DOWN!"

Baby kept crying, causing KayTar to shout, "Stop crying. Peep! Goo-night Baby."

Duck and Fish took turns hiding underneath Gee, causing KayTar to lament, "Duck?! DUUUUUUCK! Where? Where DUCK? Fiiiish! Where? Where FIIIISH?"

That One Bunny kept hopping onto the dresser, mysteriously, "That One Bunny? Geeet it!"

Gee wouldn't stay on her feet properly, "Gee! Peet! GEE! Mama! Peet! Peet!"

Thankfully, Dolly and Bunny were exhausted from their full day and went right to sleep. I can only imagine what mischief they might have gotten into.

And so, essentially, I went in and out of her room roughly 30 times between laying her down and the time she actually fell asleep.

While exhausting, I am getting a kick out of this sudden leap of cognitive and verbal skills. It is quite a window into her world, and I wonder how frustrating it has been for her to not have the skills to communicate these seemingly silly, but important to her things before now.

I think the late night also had quite a bit to do with the inhaler. While it is still proving helpful in avoiding the nightly coughing fits, it is not helping her sleep. I think it is making her feel jittery. I know my inhaler always does that to me. The first few days she slept like a champ, finally back to a normal bedtime, but I think that was pure exhaustion from not sleeping well for week prior. Now that her body has filled the reserves, she is having a rough time falling asleep. She takes a dose of her inhaler directly before nap, and it has taken her over an hour to fall asleep for 2-3 days at naptime, and a dose directly before bed and we've seen bedtime scoot back and hour or two as well. There is nothing to be done about it, really. With medicine every four hours, it doesn't leave much wiggle room. If she doesn't take the next dose on time before sleeping, she won't sleep anyway. She still sounds fairly awful when she gets to coughing or exerts herself too much, so dropping the meds isn't an option. She will adjust, as she does to all things, and until then the party will continue.

Care to join us?

Sleeping off the Hangover.
Participants, clockwise: Duck, Baby, That One Bunny, Dolly, Gee, KayTar
Not pictured: Bunny (possibly hiding under Gee), Fish, Chicken (who likely jumped out of bed again)

Warning: All night partying may result in loss of pants.

Or maybe she just soaked through her diaper at 2am. ;)


We have her great big evaluation today, the entire therapy team comes here to evaluate at wish us luck!


S said...

The explosion of words out of the mouth of that girl is phenomenal, Kyla. Amazing!

Hope today is illuminating!

thailandchani said...

It's great to hear that she's learning so many new words and is expressing herself so freely. :)



Anonymous said...

I love it when they have the language explosion.

Have they switched her to Xopenex? It's albuterol but in a different formula, and has less side affects. We have switched here and are grateful for it.

Anonymous said...

My Rosie takes about 10 stuffed animals to bed with her at night, plus large wooden beads, drumsticks, and her beloved "Rella" (Cinderella toy). It's crowded in that there twin bed.

Good luck today.

Janet said...

I can pinpoint the exact moment when Kyla's blog became R-rated.

Warning: all night partying may result in loss of pants.

How do they sleep with all of that paraphernalia? I'll never get it.

Her language is amazing! You must be loving it. Hope all goes well today.

Becca said...

So so cute! And funny!

Charlie has Phent plus two blankets and a stuffed dog with a bell inside. Phent is the only one I know of that HAS to be in there but he has started sleeping with his head on both of the blankets so we might be in trouble.

Junie's Blog said...

Funny! I love she's talking so much! Mia has to have her "entourage" come with her wherever she goes these days too. I don't have enough arms to carry everything! hehehe and Mia says peet too! Good luck today!

Run ANC said...

Up until recently, The Boy has rejected all stuffed animals. His granny bought him a baby Big Bird, and now he has to sleep with him. He also feeds him breakfast.

It's a big step, doncha think? And look at all the sentences KayTar is using!

Good luck today!

Beck said...

The Baby sleeps with a frog, a dolly, her Dora, several books, her special blanket and a cup. It's a crowded crib.

Anonymous said...

She looks so sweet, sleeping. I love watching my kids sleep, when they were little, now they stay up to late for me.

moplans said...

We should do a series together -"Babies in Rehab"
She's so cute.
Hope the assessment went well.

Anonymous said...

aww, I love that picture of her crashed out with the party animals. I hope you have a great meeting with everyone today! I had the deaf teacher today and have EI tomorrow. I don't think I could actually assemble the whole team in my own living room, the party would be too big.

flutter said...

She is a crack up. Kids are so quirky like that, I just love her little personality.

mamatulip said...

I love it -- and it looks like Julia's bed too, where I swear there are no less than ten stuffies in there with her.

Good luck today! I hope all goes well. :)

Christine said...

the whole team?!?!?

sounds like party central around your place.

good luck!

Kathy Gillen said...

Better get some GPS chips in those lovies quick. Oh the horror when one can't be located at bedtime! Wonderful to hear her great party talk. Good luck with the eval. Those can be tough.

Amy said...

Look at all those words! That is awesome Kyla.

And oh yes, Julia has her party crew every night too. And she keeps adding to it.

Good luck today!! I will be thinking of yall!

NotSoSage said...

Just catching up. This was so, so sweet.

She really is processing so much. It's very cool to observe it all.

Good luck today!

Kristin said...

Wow...that is a lot of talking for Miss KayTar...those hearing aids are amazing. SHE is amazing.

I can't wait to hear how she wows everyone at her eval today.

kittenpie said...

Our bedtime crew has definitely expanded, too. It went from just doggybaby (now Sally) to doggybaby and her sister (now Marianne) to Sally and Marianne and Fluffy. Then we added Puss. Then she discovered dollies Jessica, Madeline, and Phoebe could join the party. And about five blankets. And now two pillows. And her drink of water. Good thing she's about to move into a double bed!

Katie said...

Rock it out KayTar, both with the "friends" and the words-awesome!

Chrissy said...

It's so cute when they do that and so frustrating when you want them to sleep instead! Grace had a "Baby Pooh" that was about 3 inches big and had been a happy meal toy. That Pooh gave me such a headache because he would get lost almost every day, and she would just get hysterical. He has been out of circulation for about four years, and I found him in the toybox the other day.

And the inhalers make me jumpy, too.

By the way, your sense of humor is holding up nicely despite your lack of sleep.

~aj~ said...

That is too funny...I love it!

It's amazing how much she is saying these days. Hope the eval went great today!

Aliki2006 said...

I'm glad to hear about the word explosion! And I hope she's on the mend, too.

Great picture--so snuggly!