Monday, September 17, 2007

Overheard yesterday...

After vomiting all morning, BubTar begged for a cracker. He threw them up. He begged for more crackers, so we gave him one and told him to eat it so slowly. About ten minutes later, he called me in to the Quarantine Room. He said, "Mom! I prayed to GOD and asked Him to not let me throw up this cracker! AND I DIDN'T!"

He didn't throw up the rest of the day. At bedtime he whispered, "Mom, I think it's a miracle!"


KayTar and I went for a walk yesterday. It was a short walk, because she started having coughing fits after about 10 minutes, but it was lovely outside. And she talked the entire time.

"I see tree."

"See leaf."

"I see cat. Meow."

"Where cat? Ight dere!"

"Reeee big tree. Touch it. Touch reeee big tree."

"Grass. Ground."

"Big car."



Last night Josh and I were watching a National Geographic program called "Inside the Living Body". It was discussing the chemical aspects of choosing a partner, how pheromones send signals about a person's genetic makeup to be interpreted by the other person's olfactory senses to decide whether genetically a person is a good match for you, considering genetic markers to make the best possible match for your children, health-wise. Josh looked at me and said, "Well, one of our noses wasn't working properly, obviously."

Ain't that the truth.


Katie said...

lol, lovin' the look ;)

moplans said...

This cracked me up.
See science and religion make great partners.

Mimi said...

Oh geez. Havin' a helluva week, aren't you? It's a miracle!

Run ANC said...

You got some good one-liners happening at your house..

Janet said...

Ah, the cracker miracle!

Poor little guy.

I hate the scourge of fall viruses. Our school is experiencing a lice outbreak. My head is itchy, but I think it's psychosomatic. If we have an outbreak here, send prayers. And crackers.

Kristin said...

Ha ha ha. One of you had a buss' up nose! :) Y'all are silly.

I'm glad KayTar is a talking machine. That's great. And Bub and his miracle.

OhTheJoys said...

I hope you gave Josh a good punch in the arm.

~aj~ said...

BubTar is so cute with his prayers. Thank goodness he didn't get sick again!

KayTar is becoming a talking machine! I love it!

Julie Pippert said...

He meant it funny, right?

I try hard to realize there can be a sense of humor in this sort of thing, about body chemistry. As an unexplained person (oh what a loaded---but true---sentence, but how I MEANT it was unexplained IF) so many people were quick to chalk it up to "poor match of male-female body chemistry" and it felt like such a nasty indictment of our relationship. So anyway, that's my baggage LOL. Yes I know, drugs and therapy LOL.

Anyway ha ha ha good one. As a joke, 'cuz it's not you, and you know that, right.

And crackers stayed down woot woot!

I hope you guys are healthy by Thursday b/c I was going to ask if you wanted to go meet some astronauts, maybe get an autograph!

Using My Words

Julie Pippert said...

P.S. Om GOSH I am the Queen of Mixed Message and Double Entendre (or else I am a total Perv).

I just made myself an Unexplained Person and now I make it sound like---after this post no less!!!---I'm asking you want to go play Astronatu Groupie and pick up on some space boys.


I TOTALLY SWEAR I meant with the hubs and kids. It's a FAMILY event.

Leave it up to me to make it PERVIE.



Using My Words

Kyla said...

Yes, it was totally meant to be funny. Otherwise, well, I'd of had to hurt him. ;) I can't fathom someone saying something like that seriously! Ack!

Julie, I am CRACKING up. Of course I totally thought you were inviting me to go hit on some astronauts and maybe get them to sign our boobs. LOL.

Becca said...

LOL! On a serious note, though, KayTar got exactly the mama she needed. I was thinking about you guys this morning when Charlie woke up at 5:50. You are incredibly strong and I love your upbeat and hopeful outlook.

Amy said...

That was so cute about Bubtar and the cracker prayer. I hoping he is feeling 100% now :)

And I have to add...GO KATIE!!!

Christine said...

i love when miracles happen!

Beck said...

There you go - there still are miracles. Teeny, tiny, cracker-related miracles.

S said...

Heh. Love the new banner!

You go, KayTar!

Hope BubTar is better soon, poor guy.

Bea said...

Josh is funny. Bubtar too.

Cool banner!

natalie said...

Okay, so perhaps the noses might have been a little off on the "make genetically perfectly healthy children," but the noses were right on with "make some pretty darn cute children." I'd say score one for the noses.

crazymumma said...

He is naughty funny.

flutter said...

Oh my goodness your banner cracked me up, completely

kittenpie said...

Ha, that's funny.

I bet it felt a bit miraculous to you, too, to get to stop cleaning barf.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish/pray to have the simple faith of a child!!

NotSoSage said...

From my standpoint, I think both of you were working just right. Just look at those kids! They're awesome.