Sunday, May 13, 2007

Snapshots of Mother's Day

This holiday brought to you by the letters E and R, and the number 39.

Also sponsored by Dermabond.

(Longer story coming in the morning, I'm on my way to bed. ER trips make me tired.)


Beck said...


S said...

What Beck said! What happened? Don't leave us hanging, friend!

S said...

And may I also note, on an entirely unrelated front, that your children have the biggest, loveliest eyes I've ever seen.

Mad said...

OH, OH, OH. If it's not an episode than it's, it's a dog bite? a stumble, trip?

Poor thing.

Kristin said...

Okay, I read the story and still don't get the "39".

Kristin said...

Oh I do. It's Day 39, right? Sorry.

anon said...

Oh...poor Katie! Poor Mommy and Daddy! How scary! I'm glad she's ok and you got in and out so fast.

Have you discussed the possibility with her doctors that she might be entering the benign paroxysmal vertigo stage? The episodes are supposed to be very short and very intense. As the BPT are slowing down she might be entering the next phase.

I know it's such a guess for our kids.

How's Bubtar's tush? When I was a baby I got a shot that went bad and ever since I've had another dimple on my "cheek".

Anika got sick this weekend too. We ended up at urgent appoitments clinic they hold Sunday morning because we couldn't stop her throw-ups. Like Katie colds send her into vomits and then she gets stuck in a cycle of it. Thank god for Zofran. We got another perscription. She's got another ear infection brewing, croup, and the mother of all colds.

I have yet to have a Mother's Day that I haven't been thrown up on.

And she's starting calling me Mom instead of Mommy! She's too little to stop that!

Sorry to hog your blog.

Take care you guys.