Friday, May 18, 2007


For about a week, KayTar has understood what "I love you." means and whenever we would say it, she would lean in and kiss us. "Muah?" It is adorable. Then on Wednesday, I said/signed it to her, and she did it right back and she said "Woo." And then she kissed me. Ahhhh, I melted! She's doing it all the time now. Even unprompted. I heard her saying "Woo. Woo! WOO! I cry." yesterday and I looked at her and she was signing "I love you." so I told her the same and she said "Muah?" like "Come kiss me now, please." It could not be sweeter.


Speaking of love, tomorrow is our 6 year wedding anniversary. I'm posting this today because we will be out of town tomorrow and I won't have access to the pictures I need for the post.

This is what it looks like when fetuses get married. ;)

The day was awful; beautiful, but awful. I'm not going to go into the whys of it all, because it is family related and I try and keep that off-blog. Everything is fine now, but that day was difficult. What I will say is that every moment since that day has made all the awfulness worth it.

I think when we married so young, people expected it to fail rather quickly. Our families didn't, nor those closest to us, but outsiders looked on with disdain and skepticism. I can't blame them, if I knew a couple of kids who were marrying at the same age we did, I think I'd feel the same way. We've made it for six years, and we are still going strong. Not for one moment have I felt regret for our decision to marry so young. I believe today, just like I did then, that if you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, there is no reason not to be with them. There is no one else I would want to share this life with. We've had some surprises, but I wouldn't want anyone else beside me through it all. I wouldn't want to raise these beautiful kids with anyone else. I wouldn't want to sleep next to anyone else, or cuddle on the sofa watching bad TV with anyone else. I wouldn't want to argue with anyone else, or bow chicka bow bow with anyone else. What I'm saying is, I chose Josh that day 6 years ago, and I am still chosing him today, wholeheartedly.

If you are out there secretly reading, Josh, I love you. But please don't tell me you got the message. ;)

PS: If you are a new reader and would like to know how Josh and I met (online, at age 13), click these links. This, too.


Christine said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Sounds like you have a wonderfully happy family. It is hard to fight those people who always think they know what is best for you, but you knew what was really and truly best and went for it.

Mad said...

Gawd, I feel like your mother looking at these pics. You two are soooo young. And beautful. What a beautiful bride.

Bea said...

Gasp! Kyla, you're so gorgeous.

I know what you mean about all those rolled eyes of contempt. I married young, and in the end it was a mistake, but I don't think it was because I was young - it was because I married the wrong person.

Run ANC said...

When it's right, it's right. Beautiful pix! It seems we picked a great time of year to get married - didn't we? And great men too.

~aj~ said...

Wow, your wedding pictures are just stunning. I hate that it was such a rotten day for you, but you still look like a million bucks.

Congratulations on 6 wonderful years together!

cinnamon gurl said...

Gorgeous pics! And happy anniversary!

Now I want to know about the proposal and all that stuff...

Enjoy your weekend!

Kristin said...

I have always wanted to hear this story (I clicked all 4 links). You're right...when you find the right person you go for it. And you'd been together for a very long time. I can't believe you met online in 8th grade, though. I met my hubby online WHEN I WAS 25!!

Often I find that when two "kids" get together they can grow up together and be strong because of it. That seems like you and Josh. You are very mature for 23, I've always thought that. And you are an amazing mother and advocate for your children.

Happy anniversary to you both!

Maddy said...

Only if it's really easy [technically challenged person] Pretty cute for a fetus!

motherbumper said...

OMG - I love it when I find out what people I love to read look like. And I can see why BubTar & KayTar are so beautiful.

You are the most beautiful fetus bride & groom I've ever set my eyes on. Happy HAPPY Anniversary.

ewe are here said...

My gawd you two look young!
Now I feel old.

Seriously, you look absolutely lovely in the pictures, and I have to say, your hair looks amazing!

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have an uninterrupted celebration!

Julie Pippert said...

Six years! You both look so young, beautiful and in love.

Happy anniversary and glad it is still so great!

I agree when it is right, it is right. How wise of you to know.

I only felt that way once. I happened to be older than you, but it was 14 years ago. :)

P.S. I had Family Issues at my wedding too. Argh. But still, a good day from the real point of it.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh and...the other really important part: WAHOO! about Kaytar. That is so cool. Don't you love it when they give back that way? So precious.

jo(e) said...

Happy anniversary!

What beautiful wedding photos.

(I was sixteen when I met my husband ... that was in 1978 and we are still together ....)

NotSoSage said...

Hehe. You're a couple of handsome-looking fetuses.

Happy Anniversary!

NotSoSage said...

Oh! And KayTar..."Muah". Precious.

S said...

Yes, young. Yes, beautiful.

Happy anniversary, and I don't think KayTar could be any cuter in that video.

JSmith5780 said...

First I have to laugh and say...gee I am not the only one who forgets and rotates the camera to record video!

Second...Happy belated Anniversary! Definitely young fetuses, but happy and in love and that's all that matters! Technically I met my husband in 1st grade but we didn't figure 'us' out until we were 20. SOme poeple just 'know' better than others.

Karianna said...

Oh! So, so beautiful!

And the great thing about pictures is that they capture the beauty without all that background drama!