Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sitting pretty

Yesterday, over at Kristin's she posted a photo of her youngest sitting up for the first time. He is coming up on being 3 months old, and while he was only sitting for long enough to snap a picture, it still really impressed me. Curious, I dug through my old photos (figuratively dug, because they are all digital and organized on my computer) to find a similar photo of KayTar.

This is the very first time I was able to place her in a sitting position and snap a photo:

She was 6 months old, and on her way down.

This is the first time she was able to actually hold the sitting position.

She is 9 months old. And we had to keep a pillow right behind her because...

This quickly became...


By her first birthday, things are looking a bit more stable:

Some propping was still involved at times:

Other times not so much:

At 18 months the W-sit is born, and she finally becomes a sturdy sitter.

Say what you will about the W, but it was amazing for KayTar.

(yes, she is trying to ride Spiderman's ATV)

These days she does sit without her precious W on occassion, although as I type this she is sitting next to me and looking at her flashcards in that particular position. She is infinitely more stable than she once was. When I look at things like this, really look, I wonder how I missed out on the larger picture of what was happening. I wonder what might have happened if we had seen our current pediatrician all along; I wonder how much earlier things might have been caught. Hindsight is 20/20 so I don't think about it too much, but it is always a little shocking when I take a really good look at the past. We always thought the discrepancy between BubTar and KayTar was because he was advanced and she was taking her time in the normal fashion. We thought we expected more because of him, and therefore overcompensated by not worrying too much that she took her time. Our old pediatrician just paid no attention to any of it. I still owe him a letter explaining exactly how much he missed. Regardless, we have a beautiful, intelligent two year old who has totally mastered sitting, even if it did take her a while to get here.


Kristin said...

Believe me, he is by NO means sitting yet. He's just so squishy you can kind of mold him into that position for the sake of a picture.

But, wow...she is queen of the W, isn't she?

I often find myself comparing my two kiddos. Easton was super advanced like Bub despite being a preemie...and then there's this next one. It's too hard not to compare.

I'm glad you found your current pedi. She sounds so awesome and I'm constantly jealous.

Mad said...

oh, it's too hard and too cruel on yourself to second guess. And look at that W. Look at her power and her will to adapt. That's something, it is.

Ben and Bennie said...

Okay, now I have something new to try on Ben. It never dawned on me to use the W. There may be a problem though with his hip structure but it's worth a try.

Ben and Bennie said...

Oh yeah, I WANT ME A KAYTAR!!! Of course I'll need a BubTar to make the prefect set...

Julie Pippert said...

Oh man. I hear you, how can you not wonder that. But oh are on top of it, you are doing the best, and early too. Really. Do you know how many parents have kids at 4, 5, 6 and on...still not getting help?

And my gosh how stinking cute is she in that W. I mean, cute period, but I love it. It's so her. :)

S said...

yep. i agree with julie. that w sit is almost too cute to believe.

and you take some great pictures!

i find your hypothesis about thinking bubtar to be advanced and thus kaytar to be relatively closer to 'normal' fascinating. i'll bet that kind of thinking is really common among parents.

Christine said...

I love the W! She is a doll.