Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, KayTar! (part two)

Sweet girl,

You are two today. Two years ago at 4:56am on this very day, you sucked your first breath of air into your little lungs. You cried for the very first time and I held your warm body against mine for the very first time. Two births took place in the hospital room that day. I was born again as your mother, just as I had been born again when your brother was born. Depth was added to the person who I had always been. My heart swelled so that it would be large enough to contain enough love for both you and your brother. In that moment, I was changed. Every moment after that just continued what had begun in that birthing room. You have challenged me to become a person I never knew I was capable of being. You have made me stronger, calmer, happier, and wiser. You have given me gifts beyond measure, KayTar. We may have taken a different path, but it has been an extraordinary journey. I could never wish for a better traveling companion than you. You are my light, sweet girl. You are incredibly intelligent and creative. You amaze me daily with the new things you are learning and the rate at which you pick things up. You have a wonderful sense of humor. You fill our days with laughter and cuddles. You do things in your own time. You are stubborn. You know what you want and how to get it. You will grow up to be a strong, independent woman and I so look forward to meeting that woman one day. For now, I'm content to hold you in my arms for just a while longer, carrying you through this life until your legs are strong enough to carry you. And even when they are, if you ever get too tired to do it on your own, I will always be here to scoop you into my arms a carry you for a while.

I love you, KayTar. Happy birthday, baby girl.



Anonymous said...

That letter just totally made me cry. Happy birthday, KayTar!!

NotSoSage said...

So beautiful. Sniff.

You're both so lucky to have each other.

Mad said...

It is amazing how much these beautiful creatures of ours are themselves and that we are the ones who change through them. What a beautiful letter to a beautiful girl.

ewe are here said...

The pics and the letter are lovely. I especially like the pics of KayTar with her big brother.

Happy Birthday, lovely little girl!

Beck said...

Happy birthday Kaytar!
And Kyla, that post cracked my heart a bit. Bless you and your sweet girl.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

Happy Birthday KayTar!!! (Sorry I'm late)

Em said...

happy birthday kaytar!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweet KayTar!!!

You have a beautiful mommy. Lucky girl.

Andrea said...

That was very very sweet. Thanks for sharing.