Thursday, February 08, 2007


I am stealing this wonderful idea from Red Rollerskate. BubTar has come up with a few gems as of late and I simply must record them.

Last night, BubTar went the bed. Well, rather, he went his palette on the floor next to our bed. I had to wake in the middle of the night, find clean undies and jammies, and send him back to his own bedroom. This is VERY rare. I can't actually remember the last time he's had an accident. So this morning I said, "BubTar, why did you have an accident last night?" and he answered, "Well, you know, I woke up and felt like I had to go potty, but I didn't really want to move." Laziness in action, people.

To the understand this one, you need to realize we live in a neighborhood that has a large Spanish-speaking population. This afternoon on the way home from school, he asked:
Him: Where do Maya and Miguel live?
Me: I don't know, where do they live?
Him: I don't know, I was asking YOU. They speak Spanish, so where do people speak Spanish?
Me: Lots of places.
Him: Just tell me ONE place.
Me: Mexico. They speak Spanish in Mexico.
Him: Well, is [our city] Mexico?
I almost died.

And this one is just sweet. This evening BubTar came up to me and said:
Him: So how was KayTar?
Me: She's fine.
Him: Well, how was she while I was at school?
Me: She was okay.
Him: Did she get sick?
Me: Nope, not at all.
Him: That's nice. How was her fare-a-py? (therapy) Did she do a good job?
Me: Yes, honey. She did very well today.
Him: Oh, thanks for asking, Mama.
Me: No, honey, thank YOU for asking.


Andrea said...

How cute! I love kid quotes. Can't get enough.

JSmith5780 said...

I love kid quotes too. I try and record them on my blog when I hear them. Of course I am the mom and what I think is cute doesn't necessarily mean someone else will :)

NotSoSage said...

oh, man, how many times have i felt that when i've woken up in the middle of the night with a full bladder!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how cute is THAT?! I think you have yourself a keeper. ;)



Anonymous said...

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