Friday, February 09, 2007


Today I took KayTar's annual growth photo. *sigh* It is a bit early, and I'll try and retake it on her birthday to get a better shot, but I cannot believe how big my girl is.

KayTar at birth, with her 'key.

KayTar at one year with her 'key.

KayTar today with her 'key, being a typical two-year old in the respect she did not want to cooperate.

She is almost as big as her blankey!!

Here are a couple more, just for fun.

Wrapped in her 'key at birth.

Wrapped in her 'key today.

In the bouncer at birth.

In the bouncer today. (again, very poor photo)

I cannot believe she will be two in a little less than two weeks!


NotSoSage said...

Oh, how they grow!

She's so adorable, even when she's not cooperating!

epi said...

she is so adorable! awwwww : ) i wish i could think of something original to say, but there really isn't anything other than adorableness... and yay for blankies - i loved mine as a kid, even though it got so holey i could hide random toys between the two pieces of fabric it was made of...

anon said...

What day is her b-day? Ani's is 2/25 (the big 3). Mine is 23...(I care not to say (the 3?).

She is adorable. I love your reference photos.

Kyla said...

Summer: On 2/22 she'll be 2!

OhTheJoys said...

Everyone says it will pass so quickly and in a day to day way it can feel slow and then POOF!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, and so grown-up looking!!

It makes me really happy that you pointed out the blankie, as I still have the one my mother made for me when I was born. (Okay, embarrassing: I still SLEEP with the one she made me when I was born.)

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, and take care!



Kyla said...

Jen: Its okay...I sleep with a stuffed cow! *lol* And KayTar can't live without her blankey!

Em said...

My birthday is 25/2 or 2/25 as you write it! So K and I are almost b'day buddies! What a gorgeous big girl she is (I'm always amazed how much growing is done in the first 2 years).

Anonymous said...

My opinion of you has now risen considerably, and (since I think you're awesome already) I really didn't think it had that far to go. :)

You rock, Kyla.



Mad said...

OK, that one of her in her blanie now is stunning--as are the others but that one in particular.

ewe are here said...

How fast they grow!

We recently pulled out the moses basket, baby car seat, bouncy chair, etc. and MF -21 months old now- keeps trying to squeeze himself into them. He just swamps the things! We keep trying to explain to him that's where Baby Boo will be sitting/sleeping/riding, etc.