Friday, February 16, 2007

So I forgot to title this one...

Today when we left the house I was armed with a bottle of milk and Blue's Clues cued up on the iPod. Shrieking problem solved. I think the shrieking was more "I feel terrible like a two year old today!" than a real problem, thankfully. I think the car is such a problem because I am in the driver's seat and she is directly behind me. I cannot understand a large portion of what she tries to say to me, and I surely cannot see what she is signing to me. She looks at books and expects me to name objects when she asks, and I simply can't do it when I am the person driving. She is totally calm when Josh is driving and I can turn around and engage her. I hate that I can never intially dismiss something as simply being age-appropriate, or explain it in some other innocuous way. Everything is scrutinized. KayTar can't have a bad day without someone thinking it is a foreshadowing of things to come. We don't know what causes episodes, and we can't find a common element, so we look at everything and question it. We tuck away details so if things do take that course, we can say "A-ha! That was it!"

On the food front, she is indeed hurting. I spoke to the pediatrician and she said KayTar needs 1173 calories per day. She said her minimum energy expenditure is 674, that is what her body uses just to run properly. Anything she actually DOES is over and above that. We aren't even hitting the minimum to keep her body running on a daily basis. PediaSure here we come!! Here is the low down of what she needs:

1173 calories
13 g protein
35 oz fluid

That is insane. Today I've chased KayTar around with a bottle of milk. I've kept it full and cool, and haven't let it leave her side. Do you know how much she has drank? 12 ounces. That is it. She's having a "good" day food-wise, which means she has eaten a yogurt and two stage 2 jar foods...and her caloric intake is 505 including milk. 1173 is the impossible dream, people. It will take three PediaSures to get her up to that today. But the chances of her drinking three PediaSures today? About the same as Josh and I vacationing on Mars, without children. That is to say, its never going to happen. Ever. And because I tend to worry more than I should, I keep thinking, "If an illness blew through here and she caught it, we'd be in the ER in no time flat." I know that is negative, but again, it is realistic. If she comes down with something when she is already eating so poorly, we are sunk before we've even begun. It makes me want hole up in the house and Purell our hands every 2.5 seconds. I'm resisting that urge. We are actually going to a friend of KayTar's birthday celebration tomorrow. I'm sure the germs have RSVP'd already. These are toddlers after all. But I don't want her to miss out just because I'm slightly paranoid and one of my hobbies is worrying. It will be fun, so I'm tucking away the neuroses for the day tomorrow...and bringing the Purell.

We are on day twelve people...and it is good.

With a face like this? It has to be good.


Em said...

We have days where G hardly eats, esp. on preschool days and kindy days because they have very strict guidelines about what I can bring in, so there are days when she doesn't eat until dinner time. It is not healthy but there isn't much you can do - you can't force a child to eat. Fortunately G will drink a reasonable amount of milk (actually she'd have more if I let her but I won't). None of this is any help to you, but at least you know you are not alone in worrying about your child's nutrition.

Anonymous said...

That's a good face alright.

I have issues in the car, too.

When they fight in the car, I kind of lose it.

Good luck with the germs at the party. Have you tried buidling her immunities up with echinicia concoctions that they sell as the natural pharmacies? Frustrating battle you are fighting, Kyla. Hang in there.

Ben and Bennie said...

Lord, she's adorable! I feel your pain Kyla. In fact perhaps we should print up some t-shirts since we've been there, done that?

natalie said...

That face!!!! Oh, that face. Give those germs a kick in the rump today and have worries, just fun!


WarriorMom said...

Good job solving the shrieking problem! I hope it will get easier to meet those calorie, protein, & fluid requirements.

NotSoSage said...

I think it's brave and kind of you to let KayTar go to the party...Purell or no.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

We're back on Pediasure over here too. The cheaper Target brand, but Pediasure Liquid Gold nonetheless. Bugga and Kaytar ARE drinking from the same water source.
That face? SO. GOOD. She's unbelievably cute.

Beck said...

What a precious little face!
Ah, Pediasure. We get 2 or 3 cans into Miss Skinny every single day, but I'm not sure how we do it - here are all of our tricks that I can think of:
- we let her tote around an insulated cup of pediasure all the time. (only the amount that we think she could drink over a two hour period, of course)
- we mix it in with her hot cereal instead of milk
- we stir it into her ice cream, her mashed potatoes (poor baby), her yogurt - anything that would hide it.

Mad said...

How stressful. It is impossible to make a kid eat if she doesn't want to eat.

And ooooo is she some cute.

joker the lurcher said...

my son has always been skeletally thin (he is autistic and it often seems to be that way) so when he is ill he has no reserves. it is a hell of a worry isn't it?