Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bye Bye PupTar

Today, we sent Maggie back to the family we adopted her from. Amidst the illness and drama of the Strepidemic, we realized we could no longer give her what she needs. We'd been talking about it for a while, because she has such a high energy level and we are so busy with various levels of KayTar-care that those needs aren't met properly. Penny, our other dog, is very low key and she is just as content to follow us around the house and lounge on the sofa as go to the park and run. Having everyone ill and having to be in the hospital just reinforced that we aren't giving Maggie what she needs...and so Josh made the very difficult decision because I said I couldn't be part of it. And he just left to take her, because I couldn't go. I couldn't even look at her today, because I knew. And last night I laid awake in bed trying not to think about it. Maggie is just such a sweetheart, and she's beautiful, and I love that crazy dog...even when she's driving me crazy. But I understand that we had to do this. It just sucks. When we got her? She was my replacement baby...because we knew it would be a long time before we have any more children, if we ever do. And we can't even take care of her. I suppose that just reaffirms the whole not having any more children decision.

I'm sad. I'll miss my MaggZilla.

Bye sweet girl.


Beck said...

But that was the responsible, loving decision, even if it was hard. You're a good person to do the right thing for your puppy.

jo(e) said...

How difficult.


WarriorMom said...

I've been there. We gave back two cats, George and Macy, when JF was a toddler. Cats are usually low-maintenance, but not these two. We decided that we couldn't handle them and JF at the same time. It turns out that JF is allergic to cats, so it's just as well. I had a dream recently that they greeted me, purring, in someone else's house. I guess my subconscious is dealing with the loss.

NotSoSage said...

Oh, Kyla, that must have been heartbreaking. What a hard decision, but Beck is right, you did the right thing for her and you.

Sending virtual dog-loving hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

That IS hard

Dogs are resilient, though. He will find the right home soon.

Anonymous said...

You are killing me with those pictures. I wish I wasn't allergic (and living 800 miles away).

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

I'm so sorry Kyla. It's so hard to make that decision!! ((HUGS))

Andrea said...

Oh, I am sorry. But it sounds like you did the right thing for her, which just reaffirms your love for her.

We gave away a pet once for the same reason. We have a cat now who is pretty neglected. It is hard. But it is better knowing that they are receiving the love and attention they deserve, even if it's elsewhere.

...though I know that doesn't make it any easier for you right now.