Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Valentine's Day: All Becked Out

Inspired by the crafty earth goddess herself, also known as Beck, Josh and I decided to be a bit fancier with the Valentine's Day celebration. Last night we put up crepe paper streamers and blew up balloons. We filled out cards to each child listing reasons we love them. We put out a red tablecloth and heart-shaped plates for breakfast. Because I do not cook, this morning BubTar enjoyed frozen cinnamon waffles that I cut into heart shapes. For lunch, heart-shaped peanut butter sandwiches are on the menu.

BubTar's card said:
We love BubTar because he is:
*a good boy
*the best big brother
AND HE IS A GOOBY GOOBER (which is something that can reduce him to fits of giggles in an instant). WE LOVE YOU!

KayTar's card said:
We love KayTar because she is:
*a joy
*good smelling (Josh picked that one *lol*)
And our Princess Pie! (which is another of her nicknames) WE LOVE YOU!

It is impossibly difficult to reduce your love for your children to a list that fits on a tiny card...but it seemed to do the trick, because BubTar has had me read both his and KayTar's several times this morning.

And so, thank you Beck, for your Valentine's Day inspiration.

This afternoon Josh and I (and KayTar) are going out to lunch while BubTar is at school, and this evening we will be going on a "double date" to Chuck E. Cheese. I think that Valentine's Day might become BubTar's favorite holiday at this rate. Decorations? A gift? A cool card? Dinner at CEC? What could be better?

I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


NotSoSage said...

Kyla, that's so sweet. What a great way to celebrate. I was inspired by Beck's descriptions of what they did for their kids, too. What an amazing keepsake to have from your parents.

Beck said...

My name as a verb! And for something good, too, and not as a word for blowing up microwaves.
Your place looks great! I love what you did - and I'm so happy that your kids are happy.

epi said...

this is a wonderful way to celebrate - i may have to write it down and steal it when i eventually have a kid... : )

Ben and Bennie said...

Wow! What a wonderful way to celebrate. That's just too cool.

Anonymous said...

That's something they'll remember forever...My mom always made valentine's day very fun and special when I was growing up and so as an adult I never think of it as a holiday where I have to have a significant other to shower me with gifts- it's more about expressing my love for family and friends around me. So many people hate valentine's day because they think it's just about having a boy/girlfriend...Your kids will hopefully always think of it as just a sweet day to share with whomever they may have in their lives.

ewe are here said...

What a fun day you planned for them! Lucky kids!

Hope you all had a great VDay!