Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm a Weirdo.

Bennie tagged me and now I must show you my inner weirdo.

1. I have to make the bed for getting into it. It has to be just before I get in, 30 minutes before will not do. The bed can stay unmade all day long, but when its time to go to bed? I can't get in until it has been freshly made. This drives Josh nuts, because every night we have to make the bed before going to sleep. And if he goes to bed before me? Then I make the bed with him in it. I pull the covers up over his head and straighten everything, and then fold them back down again for him.

2. I don't wear make up. If we have something really special to go to, like a wedding? Then I will, but otherwise I do not. I probably wear it once a year for a special occassion.

3. I was always terrified of people breaking into my house as a child. I slept on the second story and kept a rope (for escaping) and a bag packed with necessities under my window seat, just in case we were attacked in the night and I had to flee.

4. When I was a child, I was always terrified of people (not monsters) hiding under my bed. I used to think that when I looked under the bed, they would climb on top of it, and when I looked on top of it, I thought they went back underneath. I used to make my dad come in and check under the bed while I kept an eye on the top to make sure they weren't outsmarting us.

5. I am still terrified to be at home alone after bedtime. I don't mind being alone during the day or even at night, but I am really freaked out when I am alone and falling asleep.

6. I asked Josh to name something weird about me and this is what he chose. I wear socks all the time, unless I am in water. This is why I rarely wear sandals or flip-flops. If I MUST wear them, I do not wear socks, but it feels so odd. I can't stand the feeling of bare feet. I absolutely cannot sleep without my socks on. I never had this issue until I had mono in junior high. The fever went up and down so often that I could not maintain body temp without socks on and thus my obsession with socks began. After I was healthy, I was so used to the socks that I couldn't sleep without them.

I am tagging DDM, Red, and Juris Mommy. And just for kicks? I'm going to tag Y from the Internet.


Ben and Bennie said...

Well Kyla, you made me laugh. I guess that's the point of these "Memes"? When I was young the closet was my "demon." I would check it several times before climbing into bed WHILE KEEPING AN EYE ON IT just in case something should sneak in on my watch. that's one of the reasons I'm not fond of Monster's Inc.

Beck said...

I ALWAYS wear socks. Even to sleep in. I get cold easily. And I am scared of being alone after bedtime, too! The underbed area is obviously dangerous. But I wear makeup ALL the time, everyday - otherwise, I look like the ghost of myself.

NotSoSage said...

Hey! I knew 3 and 5...but the bed thing is tres weird.


natalie said...'s the sock connection that makes me want to read your blog. I'm a sochaholic myself. Although I will wear summer shoes.

Not your amazing parenting skills or my concern for KayTar (how's that for weirdo internet stalker feeling?!?). Maybe I should just delete this comment.

Thanks for sharing a little bit about you!

Em said...

I cannot bear to wear socks in bed. In fact, I don't even like my feet covered by the sheets - I stick them out the side. That's weird isn't it? I'd better to this meme too ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a very weird bedtime routine. Sometime I''ll tell you about it.

If you're weird, I'm weird.

Run ANC said...

I do have to make the bed before we sleep every night, but it can be made at any time throughout the day. It is rarely made before evening, however.

When Mr Earth is gone, I have great difficulty sleeping. (But I like that I can read before going to bed...!)

Anonymous said...

the sock thing is funny... I'm the opposite. I hate anything on my feet and am pretty sure I moved to Florida just so I could live solely in socks.

Mad said...

Yes. In my terrified child days it was always a human hand that would grab my leg when I stepped out of bed.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

I'm not ignoring you!! I WILL do this, I promise.