Saturday, January 20, 2007

Week in Review

Monday: Nice relaxing day at home with Josh. BubTar goes to school. Comes home and spikes a fever.

Tuesday: BubTar stays home and runs a fever. Therapy.

Wednesday: Josh's dad passes out and goes to the ER in an ambulance. BubTar is still miserably feverish and at home.

Thursday: Genetics, we all know how THAT went. BubTar's fever is gone, but we still let him spend the day resting at Grandma's house. His fever spikes again in the evening. Josh's dad is released, but they do not know what it wrong. He is stable and feeling better, so we are thankful. His roommate was an older man who pooped in a diaper, so Josh's dad is thankful (for some fresh air). :)

Friday: Take BubTar to the pediatrician. Find out one of his lymph nodes is horribly swollen. Find out this is the lymph node that is known for swelling up during mono. BubTar gets a strep swab and a mono spot. Thankfully, the strep is positive and the mono is negative. Did I just say I'm THANKFUL for strep? *sigh*


PS: Sorry for the hit and miss commenting this week. I don't think I've read all the way through my Bloglines once. But this weekend I shall!


Anonymous said...

This makes me feel better. We let Stevie suffer with a sore throat for four days before we took him to the doctor and found out he had strep. Now I know I am not the only Mommy no longer rushes to the doctor at the first sign of a fever. I was so used to the doctor saying "it's just a cold" that I have really tried not to bother him unless I know the kid is really sick.

Somehow reading your blog always shows me that I am normal. Other moms do the same exact things that I do. Thanks!

Pendullum said...

What a horrible week...
Hope the weekend fares much better than the week...

Em said...

Agh... what a week. I hope next week is healthier for you all.

WarriorMom said...

I hope Bubtar and Josh's dad feel better soon.