Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It is 12:36am, do you know where your episode is?

I am wide awake with the beautiful KayTar, who is currently mid-episode. It began at around 7pm. We had come home from the grocery store and she was playing in the living room. I noticed her start blinking strangely and squinting at the lights. I turned the bright ones off, but within 5 minutes she was on the floor writhing and screaming. We administered Motrin and Daddy took her outside to try and calm her. She fell asleep on him outside and he put her in her crib a while after. She slept for a half hour or so and then woke up vomiting. She has thrown up roughly 15 times since then. It is now lime-green bile. We are trying to get her to drink, but she doesn't feel up to it. She will allow us to squirt water from her bottle into her mouth for her, though. Josh and I are taking shifts squirting her. Luckily the pain is over, she is still light-sensitive, motion-sensitive, and vomiting frequently. Her last episode was 8 hours; going by that scale we are a little over half way through.

The pediatrician said if the pain becomes unmanageable, we can take her to the ER for sedation. I think we'll make it through from home tonight. She is calling the neuologist in the morning and we are likely switching to Topamax, which has a track record with migraines and seizures, and since this seems to be a marriage of those conditions, I'm hoping it works. A plus to this change, is that they can prescribe her Tylenol with Codeine for the pain. With her current medication, they cannot, because the medication is a sedative and they can't give her two. We might need further testing, but she is unsure. We won't know until she talks to the neurologist.

I just want my baby to feel better. I want her freed from this bi-weekly curse. We are managing, but she shouldn't have to endure this.


Beck said...

Your poor baby. This is just agonizing to read - it must be hell to live through.
Praying that that the medication works.

NotSoSage said...

Oh, Kyla...what a way to start the New Year. I'm so sorry; you should not have to endure this. I hope that you have some success with the new medication.

You, all of you, are so incredibly strong.

Anonymous said...

No, Kyla, she shouldn't.

I predict this is the year you find the answers you need.

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ewe are here said...

Gosh I hope she's feeling better today. What a way to start the New Year...sigh.

Hang in there.