Friday, September 01, 2006


We started KayTar's medication to control the migraines yesterday. She was a bit crabbier than normal, and she took a 4 hour nap. Once we passed 3 hours, I checked her frequently, but she didn't stir. Today she has been exponentially crabbier. Bubba keeps saying things like "Just give her a BOTTLE, Momma! She's soooo cranky." KayTar is the MOST easygoing child I have ever encountered (as long as you aren't messing with her routines). She rarely fusses unless she is ready to go to sleep, or she is frustrated. She's so laid back and sweet. I am a little afraid that this medication might change that. I don't want to lose her personality from being on the medication, but I also don't want her to continue having these episodes. The doctor said it might take 3 days or so for her to adjust, so we'll see how she is behaving next week. She has her first evaluation next week, and I want her to b herself for it. I don't want them to evaluate the side effects of the medication and not the child she normally is.

She was having some alone time in her crib earlier (she needs time on her own, she has since early infancy) and she started fussing so I checked her and there were "flowers" everywhere. I borrowed this term from the creative mind of Kari. KayTar is on Miralax for constipation, so I usually am not blessed with such a bouquet of "flowers" was a rare, ummm, joy. I called the doctor to find out if it was a side effect of the new meds, and the nurse assured me it wasn't. Obviously we need to lay off the Miralax until these "flowers" have withered away.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. Josh and I are going to dinner this evening (a date, gasp!) because I am DYING for Mexican food. Tomorrow Bubba has his first school friend birthday party. At the beginning of the week, he didn't know who this kid they are best friends, or so I hear. Tomorrow night Josh and I are going out with our best friends (who married each other strangely enough). Sunday one of my friends who lives out of town is coming to spend the day with me! It should be GREAT!

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