Friday, September 01, 2006

Aaahh Freak out!

I was on my birth club bulletin board tonight and I read an alarming (for me) post. Another child on the board was evaluated today and diagnosed with PDD-NOS. This child is WALKING, EATING, and says about three words. From what I have heard (from her mom,) the child is very interactive and has a good base of receptive language, which KayTar does not. The evaluators said this kid is 8 months behind, which means 10 months old developmentally, and KayTar is BEHIND her. All of a sudden, I am much more nervous about our evaluation. This forced me to look up the CHAT screening test for autism in toddlers. If you go to the list, KayTar has 2 no's in the upper half, and 3, maybe 4 no’s in the lower half (depending on if she likes the evaluator and will make eye contact). What does this mean? Is she autistic? Are we going to walk away on Wednesday with a diagnosis of autism?

It's not that it will be the worst thing in the world (definitely not)...its just shocking that this child brought back this diagnosis. But if this higher functioning child walks away with such a serious result, then what diagnosis will my KayTar come away with?

So I am worried once again. I know we'll make it through, it just seems like we have such a long way to go.

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Em said...

It's scary isn't it? For about a year I thought G might have asperger's... it is only in the last 6-8 months that I've felt more confident that she doesn't. I hope the evaluations go well - the waiting is so hard.