Sunday, September 10, 2006


I haven't really posted much about BubTar, because the dramatic nature of the Katie situation occupies much of my brain power, but I figured it was time to let you meet him. He is a hilarious little guy with an amazing personality. He started PreK three weeks ago and he didn't even look back when I dropped him off...he just marched straight to class with his little backpack. I feel so old having a child in school. He's learning Bible verses, phonics (he'll be reading by December), cursive, the numbers (eventually all of his 1+ addition problems) and he's only in PreK for 3 hours per day. I'm amazed by this smart little guy.

Yesterday he asked Josh the meaning of life: "Daddy, why did God make us?" So we told him "Because God wanted to love us and have us love Him in return." and then he said "Oh...okay..." and kept playing like it was the most casual conversation in the world.

He loves music and movies and has a flare for both acting and singing. He can't just watch a movie, he has to say the lines and recreate the action. He's constantly singing, and he even performs songs for us with his little blue guitar.

He loves to tell jokes, although most of them don't make sense. He loves to learn and will sit for an hour working in his Kumon workbooks. He loves to read his Pre-Readers to us, and have us read to him. He is a social butterfly and makes friends instantly.

He loves his little sister so much and we've actually never had a problem with sibling rivalry. He loves to play with her and share with her. They are best buds. He makes us laugh at least 20 times per day.

When I go to tuck him in at night he hides under the blanket and pretends to be "Talking Sheet" and he interviews me about various subjects ("What's your favorite movie/song/TV show?") until I beg him to find BubTar for me, and then he comes back. He's so funny and imaginative.

He asked me to rock him in the rocking chair last weekend, and as I did I remembered rocking him in that chair as a newborn, with baby fuzz on his head and puppy skin on his neck and I wondered at the miracle that he is. I can't believe my little baby is such a big guy, but I'm glad he's still small enough to ask Mommy to rock him now and again.

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Em said...

He sounds like the sweetest little guy! You are blessed.