Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm sorry I cut them off.

That is something you NEVER want to hear from a 4 year old. Luckily, he only cut off his eyelashes on one eye. I didn't know what he had done, so I said "What did you cut off?" And he said "My eye Fings." He was very sorry. Evidently those little manicure scissors just scream to be use for giving your eyelashes a trim. He has, erm, HAD the most gorgeous eyelashes! He was so very embarrassed that he cried when it was time to go to the in-laws for dinner. "I don't want them to SEE me!! No, let's just stay here as a family." as he sobbed into my t-shirt. We told him we already made plans, and he had to live with the consequences of cutting off his lashes. We also told him nobody would notice but he splayed himself onto the couch and sobbed, "I don't want ANYONE to see me until they grow back!" So Josh said "Why don't you just wear your eye patch, buddy?" He popped up of the couch and said "Heeeeeey, that's a GREAT idea." so he wore his eye patch the rest of the night. In the car on the way he said "I hope nobody asks me about my eye patch." so when we got there and ran in telling everyone to ignore it. His grandma wanted to get him to show her so she could tell him it was no big deal, but when she asked why he was wearing it he shied away and said "I don't know. I don't want to take it off." It was really hilarious. He was so self-conscious all night, until he snuck into the kitchen when Josh was the only one in there and asked him how it looked and Josh said "Yeah, they're growing back in, just a few more days." (LIE!) And then BubTar got a boost of confidence and yelled "HEY EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY! I CUT OFF MY EYE FINGS, BUT MY DADDY SAID THEY GROWED BACK!" and he ran around showing everyone, who all said things like "You can hardly notice!" "I can't even tell!" So he was able to leave the eye patch at home today, thankfully. This morning he started asking about shaving...I think we need to keep our bathroom door locked from now on. :P

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