Monday, September 04, 2006

Puppy Loooooooooooooove. :)

Let me start by saying Josh and I are suckers.

The birthday party Bubba attended on Saturday was right next to the place where we adopted our now one year old Dalmatian pup in February. On the drive up Josh says, "I've been thinking about getting another dog." and I shut him down pretty quickly, because we don't really need anything else that eats and poops. But I DID say that if we were to get a dog, which we WEREN'T, it would have to be a puppy...because my reproductive quota will not be filled for a while, not until KayTar is a functioning member of society (meaning: walking, talking, EATING). We decided to just go take a peek and see if Cyndi (the lady we adopted from previously) was in. I walked in a saw the SWEETEST puppy one earth and immediately all the no puppy talk flew out the window. We took her home immediately. Here is a picture of PupTar and KayTar:

Our first pup, PenTar, is a liver spotted Dalmatian, and PupTar is a liver spotted Dalmatian/pointer. They both have beautiful green eyes and I just KNOW they were meant to be siblings. There was no snarling when they were introduced and they are even sharing the kennel at night. They wrestle and romp all day, unless they are napping. I am in LOVE. Puppy love.

PupTar is not yet named. PenTar's given name is Penny, but we have this thing about making -Tar nicknames around here. So I thought Maggie would go nicely with Penny and DH agrees, but Bubba has taken to calling her Polka-Dots. It is INCREDIBLY cute when he says it, so I can't correct him. I think we might end up naming her Maggie he can call her Polka-Dots, but when she's a grown up she'll have a more mature name as well. I think we're putting too much effort into naming a puppy, but its a nice distraction.

We had an amazing weekend. Friday night we went out and had Mexican food (as a family, not as a date, but the hot sauce tasted just as good) and my sister- in-laws came over to watch movies with me; Saturday we went to the birthday party and got a puppy, went out to dinner with our best friends, went out for coffee, came home and watched movies together; Sunday we had friends from out of town over to spend the day with us (they brought MORE Mexican food...mmmmmmm) and we ended the weekend with my little brother-in-law's birthday dinner. It was so busy! And it was filled with adult conversation! And Mexican food! It was amazing and a much needed break from being KayTar's secretary and full-time worrier. :) Plus we got a PUPPY!

PS: I think that from now on I'm referring to the boy as BubTar...its more fitting to the formula. :)

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