Thursday, August 31, 2006


My pediatrician spoke with the neurologist yesterday regarding KayTar's seizures and the different possibilities. After observing her in the ER, taking the family history of migraines into consideration, as well as the progression of the seizures; he believes it is "migralepsy". Yes, that's right, "migralepsy". It sounds made up, doesn't it? Migralepsy is exactly what it sounds like, migraine induced epilepsy. They started her on Periactin today, which is actually an antihistamine, but it works as a prophylactic to prevent migraines in babies and toddlers. The theory is control the migraines, control the seizures. So we'll see!

I know this is only one small piece of the total puzzle, and the piece might not even fit, but just HAVING a piece in my hand feels like a miracle! It feels so incredible to be doing SOMETHING. I am so exhausted by standing and twiddling my thumbs while my baby suffers, it is amazing to finally have something to go on, even if it doesn't work out.

This doesn't explain the delays, the eating problems, or the aversions, but it is a start! There aren’t words to describe how wonderful this feels!

On another note, I was referred to a geneticist. The first available appointment is in January of 2007. I took it, but hopefully we’ll have answers long before then. I can’t imagine waiting that long to know.

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