Monday, September 18, 2006

Killer week!

I woke up this morning and realized this week is going to kill me. I can already feel it in my bones, and that's never a good start. Today in itself is a headache, because I have a parent/teacher meeting (which I already rescheduled once) at 3:00 which is also pick up time for BubTar. I ran through all of my various options all morning, agonizing about rescheduling or asking for more help from my already overtasked family and finally found a solution. I am picking him up early enough to drop him at his aunt's so I can run back to the school to have the meeting (it's 15 minutes both way *sigh* it could be farther, though). Luckily KayTar took her nap, so she will be nice and perky the afternoon instead of cranky and tired.

Tomorrow we have her regular DT appointment at 1pm, and at 2pm she has her PT evaluation. Someone will have to fetch BubTar for me because I won't be able to leave the house until 3 or later and he is released at 2:45. We also have a PIA meeting tomorrow night (its our school's PTA type thing).

Wednesday at 10am she has her nutrition evaluation, which means I can't drop him off for school because I will be here with KayTar.

Thursday is FREE! FREE!! YAY! I can clean my house and do laundry.

Friday KayTar had a well-baby visit to finish up her shots, but I rescheduled it because of our plans on Saturday.

Saturday=MRI DAY!!! Yay! This is better than a free day, honestly. We're all just dying to see the results. Her doctors' faces light up when we mention it. They are chomping at the bit, as are we. It feels like Christmas. Everyone is hoping to see SOMETHING that will give us a clue. The main point of interest is her language center, because she has lost those 2 sets of words and there is such a wide gap between receptive and spoken language levels. The biggest worry is it coming back totally clean...because then we're still every bit as lost. But at least it is here...we'll have it out of the way on Saturday. *sigh* I cannot wait.

Somewhere in there I am supposed to hear back from the feeding clinic to get our appointment scheduled. Well, I'm off to fetch the BubTar from school so I can scurry back to the meeting!

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Em said...

Interesting about the MRI. We never did one with G (because the doctors didn't think they would find anything). I hope you get some answers...