Monday, January 21, 2008

Fingers crossed.

I think, I hope, I pray, we are finally over the hump. I am superstitiously keeping up the quarantine banner for a while though. Twenty full consecutive days of sickness is more than enough. MORE THAN ENOUGH.

I spent Saturday here.

Right in the middle of my big ole bed. I rested all day while alternately reading blogs, completing homework assignments and studying, and watching Grey's Anatomy on DVD. It would have been heavenly if I hadn't felt like my sinuses were on fire and my body didn't feel like it had been at the bottom of an NFL dog pile.

Sunday I finally, FINALLY, started to feel 45% human again and the drive to get the house disinfected bumped that percentage up close to 70%. I spent the day stripping beds and scrubbing things. Today that mission continued and once it was all done, I breathed a hefty sigh of relief. Do I think it is really going to do much good now that we've all already been ravaged by this particular strain? Meh, maybe, maybe not. But does it make me feel better to do it? Yeah, it does. Disinfecting is my personal voodoo.

KayTar still has respiratory junk rattling around, but for the most part, I think even she is coming out of it. She's not puking at night anymore and she's even gone to bed at a decent hour (10:30) the past couple nights. I know 10:30 isn't a decent hour for most kids her age, but it sure beats midnight, that's for sure.

BubTar's been healthy for a couple weeks now, I think he got over it quicker than either KayTar or myself, and Josh and his super-duper immune system never even got it. I don't know how he stays so healthy in the midst of all of this, nearly every time, but I wish we could somehow give some of that immunity to KayTar. That girl has such a hard time kicking things.

As paltry as this post was, that is all that has been going on in our lives. Things are about to start up in full force again, tomorrow is our first therapy appointment in at least a month because of illnesses, speech picks back up, as they've found a replacement therapist for the meantime. Next week, her deaf co-op teacher is bringing a coworker who has personal experience with hyperlexia to our session to give me information and advice, KayTar has her district evaluation, and it will be time to apply for the new (sub-par) insurance. In one month (and one day), KayTar will be three years old and I just know this month is going to go by in one small blink. In one month, this whole way of life we've adapted to over the past year and a half, therapies and such, schedules and routines, will change and we'll be learning from scratch all over again. In one month, this little thing will be three whole years old.

It doesn't even seem possible.

PS: My dear friend Katie has been without her beautiful Jacob for a whole month today. It is the sort of anniversary nobody wants to have. One whole month without that smile. Those eyes. That sweet, sweet soul. If you have a moment, please stop by her blog and let her know we're all thinking of her and her Jakiepoo.


dawn224 said...

sweet little girl :)

ewe are here said...

heh heh

Love the new banner.

Hopefully you won't be needing it anymore...

And I can't believe that adorable, tiny wee girl is about to turn 3.

Becca said...

What an adorable, sweet picture! Glad things are looking up at your place. I know exactly what you mean about disinfecting everything! Even if it doesn't matter, it just FEELS good.

Amy said...

That is a beautiful picture of baby Kaytar.

Praying yall are over the hump. 2008 hasn't been to good to yall just yet.

Good luck tomorrow :)

Katie said...

You know, if it weren't for your constant cooties, I might consider keeping you as a friend...oh heck, I'll keep you anyway ;)

Thank you Kyla for remembering my baby today. (((hugs))) really, truly, thank you.

Kristin said...

Ha ha! Quarantined. You're silly.

I'm so glad you're starting to feel better over there. How dreadful this has been for you! :( We've had a round of that stuff it seems too and poor D has had it the worst...he had it first and STILL has it.

Anyway, look at baby KayTar. so sweet. Who's hand is that holding her? It does not look like the hand of your 15 year old self ;)

carrie said...

Glad you're feeling better! Good luck at therapy tomorrow - and that picture, wow.

flutter said...

oof. That picture just sucked all of the air out of me

Julie Pippert said...

So glad you feel better and I wish you all the luck with resuming everything.

Janet said...


Just look at her wittle face! Lovely.

I hope you can remove the "Quarantine" sign from your header now. For real.

Anonymous said...

Praying you are well and truly over the hump. (But, how will you manage when there is no immediate crisis to get the adreneline pump going?)

Here's hoping you get a chance to find out!

S said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. And THREE! How could it be?

(That's a beautiful picture of BubTar in your other post, BTW.)

crazymumma said...

those shots give the kick in my gut. kick of pure love.

Run ANC said...

Amazing how fast they grow, huh? 3!!

Beck said...

I hope everyone at your end is better for keeps - we've been recycling illnesses endlessly over here, too.
Oh, that BABY! It's hard to believe she's going to be three!

Anonymous said...

Hugs. We were sick from November until a couple of weeks ago...not the kind of sharing I like. Hope you all stay well.

Best of everything in getting back into the swing of therapies. You and I can struggle together as we are re-starting Mac & Wil's therapies tomorrow.

KayTar, three? Sometimes don't you just want to scream STOP TIME!