Saturday, October 27, 2007

His first progress report


Days present: 36

Days absent: 3

Days tardy: 0


Grade: A

Needs Improvement: Self control


* Knows all letters and sounds that we've learned.

* Can read blends

* Can read one vowel words

* Can count 1-20

* Can recognize the numbers 1-15

* [Cursive] Handwriting is satisfactory

Teacher comments:

BubTar is so full of joy and an excitement for life. He is a joy to have in the classroom.

Charm, looks, smarts, and a lack of self control. Lock up your daughters. ;)


flutter said...

He is a joy to have in life :)

Anonymous said...

LOL--he is a cutie! :) (all my daughters are too old for him)

PJ said...

How wonderful!! Congratulations to BubTar! (and Mom!)


cinnamon gurl said...

Ha! Congratulations, BubTar!

~aj~ said...

That is some good stuff! Your comment had me cracking up. :)

natalie said...

Whew...we just decided to lock M up until she's an old miser, so I think we're safe.

Although I myself have a penchent for men who show little self-control. I hope I haven't passed that gene on to my precious daughter.

S said...

Awesome job, BubTar!

Beck said...

Good work, Bubtar.

Janet said...

Impressive report!

All boys lack self control, that's what makes them rambunctiously, unduplicatably boy-ish. (Are those even words? Meh, you know what I mean.)

Junie's Blog said...

great report! I think the girl who steals his heart will have struck gold!

Aliki2006 said...

What a great report!

And what a great smile he has...

Kathy Gillen said...

My sister used to say report card day felt more like a pass/fail grade for her as a mom...sounds like you're both doing great!

Family Adventure said...

He is adorable. Great report - he is a joy, even without self control! :)

- Heidi

motherbumper said...

Yes well, I gotta lock up my daughter - but this is one boy I would be honoured if he pursued my daughter.

crazymumma said...

Somehow I think that with the parents he has he will be a well mannered dude winning hearts over wherever he goes.

Julie Pippert said...

Lock up my girls? I think NOT! I am actively seeking good boys. :)

Don't you love reports like that? Patience got one too. I'm sure compared to the sleeping and peeing kids she looks great, LOL.

Using My Words

Run ANC said...

Great job, BubTar!

Christine said...

locking the door RIGHT NOW!!

seriously--what a lovely report!