Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BubTar's Beginners Guide to Skating

BubTar received rollerskates for his birthday.

BubTar: Oh, its my dream that came true!

Me: You really wanted rollerskates?

BubTar: Well, no, but now I really do and I think I could have dreamed about wanting them!

And he received all the safety equipment that goes along with them, which he calls armor.

He is very sad he cannot wear his wrist guards to school, because "If I can't wear them to school, nobody will know how cool I am, Mom!" What a pity.

Without further ado, BubTar's Guide to Skating:

Find your footing.

Smile for the camera.





Decide holding onto Mom's hand isn't such a bad idea.

And repeat.

*For the record, he was on his feet every time I took a picture...but by the time it would flash, he was on the ground. I didn't just keep shooting as he flailed about. :) His second time out went much smoother, though!


Christine said...

What a groovy skate boy! Is he taking students yet? Such a cutie!

Julie Pippert said...

Fun and CUTE!

Kristin said...

Those are great. I love his shirt and his armor is super cool.

NotSoSage said...

Go, BubTar, go! Aw, he still needs ya. It's cool to admit when you still need help, right BubTar?

~aj~ said...

That is awesome! He could already teach me a thing or two.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

AW! Happy birthday BubTar!! Good for him!

Clover-Elf said...

Hehe! So have you improvised a butt-pad for him yet? (The usual method is belting a pillow to their rear, if you are so inclined. XD)

Girlplustwo said...

he is a peach. and his hat rocks.

and you, you made his DREAM COME TRUE. how amazing, that.

Run ANC said...

Tell him that people will know he is cool because his shirt says that he is. Everything in print is true, right...?

jo(e) said...

He's so cute! I just love the stuff he says.

My kids learned to rollerblade in the house -- they would go up and down the hall, putting hands against the wall for support. This meant lots of fingerprints on the wall, but not as many falls.

Kyla said...

I wish we had a decent hallway! It would make it so much easier. We have a closet sized space at the top of the stairs leading into the bedrooms, and everything else is attached through rooms. I can live with handprints on the walls.