Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday, Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter or Passover or Chocolate Bunny Day, whichever you choose to celebrate. ;) We had a good day in spite of whatever is going on with KayTar. She actually did much better making the rounds that usual. At one point she was sitting down and jamming her finger into her ear repeatedly and she looked at me and said "Eah." and then signed "Hurt". So maybe they are bothering her. I really don't know. Maybe she's just been having residual headaches all week, but we are going to the pediatrician today just to be sure. As much as I hate dragging her needlessly into the Land of the Germs, we need to make sure we aren't ignoring something, so in we go.

So here is our day:
7:30 Leave and head to the hospital
8:55-11:30ish Ophtho appointment (we have to be there 15 minutes early)
11:30ish Call pediatrician and tell her we are headed to the office.
After pedi visit, grab lunch.
2:25 GI appointment (arrive 15 minutes early)

Good Lord, it is going to be the equivalent of a work day, except I'll have the joy of bringing along a very cranky little 2 year old, who insists on expressing herself in this guttural cross between a shriek and a grunt that feels like sandpaper in my ears, and who has a bit of a doctor phobia. So, it's looking to be loads of fun. I am going to pack her little stethoscope, in hope that if she is listening to her own heart while the doctor does, maybe it won't make her quite as crazy. Ha! I can hope, right? *lol* BubTar has the day off from school and is spending some quality grandmother time, so at least I will not have a cranky two year old and a whiny, bored almost 5 year old in my care for all of the fun. That's something.

Easter photos are forthcoming, but I left my camera at my mother's house so I can't upload the photos until tonight. Don't worry, you'll get to see plenty of photos of the little 'Tars. We also discovered KayTar is quite the little drummer, she was rocking out on my nephew's drumset, got a good video clip from that.

Have a great day and send cooperative mood vibes in KayTar's direction if you have a spare moment. :)


Beck said...

I'm glad your Easter was nice - I hope KayTar is feeling better AND cooperative today.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever sleep? Wow! I hope your day goes smoothly. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Run ANC said...

My goodness, I'm not surprised that she has a doctor phobia with all the ones she's been to. Hope the day goes smoothly and is crank-free.

NotSoSage said...

I guess your day's almost over. I hope it went well...

Kristin said...

Busy day. How'd she do? How's she feeling?

I don't know why but your comment about the "little 'Tars" struck me as particularly hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.