Saturday, April 07, 2007

To sleep, perchance to dream sleep

Monday: KayTar vomited up shortly after being tucked in. She stayed up until about midnight, which meant we were able to go to bed close to our normal time.

Tuesday: Same as Monday.

Wednesday: KayTar had her episode, and was out for the entire day. She stayed up until 4am. *yawn*

Thursday: KayTar vomited shortly after being tucked in, but she is awake for the long haul. She succumbs to sleep around 4:45am. *double yawn*

Friday: BubTar wakes me at 7:45. *triple yawn* 3 hours of sleep is not enough. Lots of coffee was ingested. Lots. Of. Coffee. My husband set up a surprise friend-date for me! He called my best friend and arranged for us to go to the movies. He was very sneaky and I was surprised. It was very thoughtful, and Blades of Glory was a pretty funny movie. When I got home, the kids were in bed asleep. Wonderful! About 10pm KayTar woke up screaming and gagging, but she didn't vomit! She just screamed and screamed. She calmed down eventually and alternated between playing and crying. We were able to give her Motrin around midnight and she went to sleep around 1am. When preceded by two night of being up until 4-5am, 1am is a little slice of heaven.

I think it is safe to say she's probably sick. It is so hard to tell, because she's KayTar. What is normal for KayTar is not normal for most kids, so it is difficult to tell when we've crossed the line from "abnormal for most, but normal for KayTar" to "abnormal even for KayTar". Even though she is prone to vomiting, she is generally a very good sleeper. If she stops sleeping, something is probably wrong. These things are much easier when accompanied with a fever. It is a clear sign, even in her case, of illness. Right now it is just guess and check. The nights are clearly worse, but during the day she has been puny, lethargic, and reluctant to eat much. She's uncharacteristically cranky, as well.

If tonight and tomorrow follow suit, then Monday we'll probably see the pediatrician. BubTar used to get ear infections and his only symptom was nighttime vomiting and disturbed sleep. He didn't run fever or tug on his ears or seem to be in pain. I don't want to ignore signs that something is troubling her, even if the signs are vague and KayTar-esque. The trouble is, Monday we have an ophthalmologist appointment in the morning and a GI appointment in the afternoon. It looks like our double header might become a triple header. We were going to have a fun day downtown, visiting the Children's Museum or the Zoo, but I don't know if we will have time now, or if she'll even feel up to it.

Have a happy Easter tomorrow if you celebrate, and if not, just have a lovely day for the heck of it. :)


Anonymous said...

Can the gastro doc peek in her ears? It's not like an ear infection is hard to diagnose, and maybe it would save her an appt.

Is she getting an Easter basket? I'm curious what she is getting, since eating candy doesn't sound like her thing. I hope she feels better soon. Jill

Kristin said...

Okay, you got me on the most doctor visits thing. When I wrote than in my blog I actually thought of you and sweet KayTar. I hope she's not sick but that would be so hard to not know.

And I'm glad you got a friend date and came home to sleeping kids. Perfect. Can't wait to see Blades of Glory...once it's out on DVD. No dates of ANY kind 'round here right now.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday. Ha! I wrote Easton at first instead of Easter and had to go back and fix it. Hee hee.

cinnamon gurl said...

Hope she feels better soon and you get some sleep!

NotSoSage said...

Happy Easter!

May the Bunny bring all of you sleep and good health.

Kyla said...

She was up until 1 again. Better than 4, so I'm really not complaining.

Our amazing pediatrician is going to squeeze us in tomorrow. We just need to give her a call when we are headed in. The ophtho appt is going to take 2.5 hours! Eek! So from 8:55-11:30ish. Then we'll go to the pedi. Then GI at 2:25. Wow. We're going to be pooped.

Jill: She got a Charlie and Lola DVD, a Color Wonder book and some CW soft sticks. She was very excited to see "Ya-ya" (Lola) in her basket. *lol*

Girlplustwo said...

happy easter, friend. how is she doing now?

keep us posted, am thinking of her and you all.

Mad said...

Kyla, when I think about how lucky I am with my girl's health, I am overwhelmed. Kay-Tar is so lovely, so glorious; it breaks my heart to think of how much she has had to suffer--how much she vomits and vomitting is just the beginning of it all. How much pain. How much sleeplessness...

Em said...

I hope your pediatrician could help solve the mystery and that Kaytar is now feeling better.