Friday, April 06, 2007

While YOU were sleeping...

KayTar and I were incredibly productive. Bedtime is for SUCKAS, or for kids who don't spontaneously vomit and become wide awake afterwards. With all this extra time, what in the world did we do?

First she practiced her cuteness.

Then she caught up on her blog reading.

Made some notes in her planner.

Practiced her skillz.

Tested out her pitching arm.

Took a small break.

Did a little yoga. She is a master of the downward dog.

Had a spot of milk.

I'm officially tired. Josh's shift starts in an hour. Thank God.


WarriorMom said...

Kaytar has a great mom!

Julie Pippert said...

Okay...the most important thing is that I am so glad she is better right now. I can't imagine it ever gets easier, although I imagine you develop, eventually, some better coping mechanisms.

Next, love love love the photo montage. LOL! The downward facing dog is classic...and hey is that my blog? I'm all flattered and stuff. KayTar likes my blog!

I think she's got her cuteness down pat. All that practice has paid off. :)

I hope you got your break and some sleep!

Kristin said...

Those curls! She doesn't look like she's been a sick little girl at all.

I love all the pics and walking video of what you guys did and I'm so happy she's "back".

OhTheJoys said...

I need someone to cover my next shift. Bleaaaaaaaaah.

Kyla said...

Julie: Now you're famous. KayTar reads your blog! *lol*

We were up until 4:45 in the freaking morning. I had to wake up with BubTar at 7:45 so I'm tired. Thank God for coffee.

Beck said...

What a cutie - and you're such a patient, good mom.

natalie said...

Can I just scoop her up and cuddle her!?!?!?! She's precious!!! I love that planning...too bad we can't schedule a real playdate for M and KayTar. KayTar and I would get along well...I'm a list maker and she's a planner. Maybe she could give me some tips on how to get everything done!

So glad she's back and that all is well for the moment. Strange about the vomiting, though.

Mad said...

KayTar reads Julie. That's some smart toddler you've got.

That last post was heartwrenching, Kyla. I'm so happy to see the bleary-eyed joy in this post.

Girlplustwo said...

wow. exhausting and yet there is something to those middle of the night moments, right..when no one else is awake?

especially if sleeping in followed. it doesn't usually though, does it?