Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome, You have BMail

Tonight I was dutifully entering data into KayTar's input/output spreadsheet, and I typed the following "wet/BM@7:30" and hit the Enter key.

(click to make larger)

And it immediately pulled up the following:

(click to make larger)

And it totally cracked me up. Like tears streaming down my face kind of cracking up. The notion that Excel thought that my child's poop was an email address was just too hysterical for me. Not only did Excel think it was an email address, it was EAGER to email something to my child's poop. In this fit of laughter, which no one else in the room understood, my son asked "What's so funny, Mom?" and I replied, "Its emailing POOP!" *hysterical laughter*

And now? He keeps shouting "Its emailing POOP! Its emailing POOP!"

Oh God, what have I done? *lol*


NotSoSage said...

That IS hilarious.

Now, what, exactly, would you have to say to KayTar's poop (that you didn't get the opportunity to say before you tossed it)? :)

theflyingmum said...

I just showed Ben the pictures of Kaytar kissing Luke and asked him "Can you tell who that little girl is kissing?" Without missing a beat he said "Luke Skywalker" - this boy is an absolute Star Wars fanatic. Then he asked (re:Kaytar) "Is that Princess Leia?"
How cute are they?!

Pendullum said...

That was too funny!

OhTheJoys said...


That is great.

It would make a great website!

Beck said...

Computers make life more special.
You keep track of your daughter's bowel movements! Good grief, you're a good mom.

Kyla said...

Beck, only since this week! *lol* She has been getting way under her required fluid intake, so she hasn't been, ummm, OUTPUTING properly...so I have to keep track of them, so we know how many hours we are going between wet diapers.

Ben and Bennie said...

Kyla, my wife has an Excel spread sheet you'd love. E-mail me sometime and I'll get her to pass it along. You know how you'll end up filling out all that paperwork about past procedures, tests, etc.? Never again.

What time is Kaytars appt. Friday? Ben has a CT scan at noon (EDT).

Kyla said...

Bennie: That sounds WONDERFUL! :)

Her appointment is at 6-freaking-15 in the morning. So we have to be there at 5-freaking-45 in the morning. Ugh.

NotSoSage said...

I just wanted you to know that I'll be thinking of you and KayTar tomorrow morning.