Sunday, March 18, 2007

Found Video

This was Katie when we start seeing the new pediatrician, she was roughly 17 months old.

This is a video from last week (most of you have seen it already).

Although she isn't doing anything spectacular in the second video, the change is unbelieveable. She's made up for more than a year's worth of development in months. In the first video, she is a 17 month old functioning at a 5 month old level. Now, the kid knows all of her letters and more signs than her therapists. She's taking 15 steps at a time. She's speaking. I had to post this, because I've talked about where she was functioning when we began all of this, but seeing it on video says more than I can with words alone.

Also, sorry for the text-light posts as of late. My brain is some place else, namely, it is pacing up and down the corridors in my head wringing its hands until the MRI results come in. As much as I am sure the results will be just fine, it is always a less than comfortable wait.


Beck said...

My baby was standing beside me echoing Kaytar (and this is how dumb I am - it had never occurred to me that her name was Katie.) - "up up up!".
Also, look how much her hair has grown! She and The Baby would have a lot of fun together.

Vicky said...

She had really progressed amazingly. To what do you attribute this progress? Do you think it's the therapy she's getting, work that you are doing with her, a spurt of her own? How much do you think is down to the doctors acknowledging that there was a problem?

Anonymous said...

Go Kaytar Go!!!!

Glad the MRI went smoothly and that you don't go too crazy waiting....ugh, I hate to wait.

natalie said...

The waiting game is the hardest. My husband calls it "hurry up and wait." My heart beats harder and faster, my thoughts are warp speed and in slow motion at the same time. I've been there, and will probably be there again, so I am empathizing with you. KayTar is doing so great because she's got such a great family.

BTW: My husband doesn't normally watch me "blog," but the other evening he was in here when I watched BubTar's counting video and he thought it was the most precious thing ever. We were both laughing at that sweet moment you captured. When he's 7 and not using his fingers to count any more, you'll be so thankful you have that video.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Em said...

Okay... I couldn't see these clips before and now I can... truly amazing! What do you think has made the difference? Kaytar has such long hair!

Mad said...

I'm just getting caught up after a very busy work week. I'm so pleased to hear the MRI went well. I'll be eager to hear the results. As for those videos, the transformation is incredible. It's as if Kay-Tar were making up for lost time.

motherbumper said...

wow - I'm light on words too but mine is from amazement.

Karianna said...

So wonderful!