Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dinner and a show

Tonight we went to dinner at Chili's with our best friends, who happen to have married each other. After dinner, the boys left to go to the gun range (yes, they enjoy this very much) and my friend and I took the kids to Bath and Body Works for a brief shopping trip and then home. One we got home, I bathed KayTar while BubTar and L drew pictures together. After bath, I got both kiddos in to their respective jam-jams and attempted to settle in for an evening of friendly chatter. Unfortunately KayTar had other plans for the evening. One moment she was playing with the hand santizer we had purchased...she was just taking the lid off and was half way through the motion of asking me to squirt some into her hands when she disappeared. Not physically, of course, but rather mentally. Uh-oh.
"KayTar...hey! Pie Pie! Are you there, hon?" *snap, clap*
Her eyes move just a bit...and then lazily roll their way to my face.
L says, "Is she okay?"
I say, "I'm not sure...she might be going into an episode. Great."
I busy myself flicking off light switches, in case the lights are going to affect her, I set her up in the sick seat and put on the Leah's Farm episode of Signing Time. I call Josh to let him know we might have a problem.
He says, "I'll be home soon, go ahead and give her Motrin just in case."
I attempt to give Motrin, as I do, the vomit begins. This isn't an "I don't like medicine" gag and barf...this is a "Here is everything I have eaten all day long" barf. I can see (and worse, SMELL) the layers of the day...cereal for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, PediaSure, fries she snacked on at Chili's, it is all present and accounted for. L and BubTar are sitting on the couch, he is reading Hop on Pop to her. She sees the vomits and I see her gag a bit.
"L, does vomit bother you? You should probably take BubTar in the next room until I get this wrapped up."
KayTar and I go for bath number two for the evening. L calls Josh to make sure he is headed home. I give KayTar a Tylenol suppository and get her dressed in a t-shirt and dipe and lay her on the couch. She's here and not here. She whines. Coughs a smidgen. Whiiiiiines. The vomit is coming. RUN TO THE BATHROOM WITH THE TODDLER! Score, it makes it into the sink. Again. And again. And again. Once or twice more for good measure. Once she is empty, I take her to her room, turn the lights out and lay her in her crib. She is still and quiet until falling asleep at about 9:30.

She is still sleeping. I hope she sleeps through the night. We are staying up for a while to be sure she won't need us. The episode has actually been one of the easiest for a while now. No pain, no light sensitivity, nothing overtly frightening. It is reassuring after the last one. But I am a bit worried that our friends may never have children after this particular peek into family life. *lol*

In other news, regular EEG is happening this Wednesday. We will be trying to figure out how to catch one of these boogers on EEG between this and the next go round. Obviously, we did not catch this one on a workable day.


Beck said...

Poor KayTar. I hope she's all better.
I always want my kids to behave perfectly around non-parents, too. You know, to trick them into having kids.

Kyla said...

She's 100% today! And she slept through!!!! It is wonderful.

Yeah, we're trying to trick them into having kids, too. So KayTar might have set the cause back a bit last night. *lol*

ewe are here said...

What a way to end the day!
But I'm really glad it was one of her 'easier' episodes and she went to sleep calmly.

Oh, and Chili's nachos - yum!

~aj~ said...

So glad to hear she had a good night and feels great today. What a relief!

Best of luck with the EEG this week. I'll be thinking of you.

jo(e) said...

You handle these things so calmly....

I am continually amazed at your strength and resilience.

Mad said...

How terrible. At least it happened in the comfort of home and not at Chillis.

angie said...

I know that this is something you have probably thought of....or completely off base, but when I read this post it popped into my head "could the episodes be triggered by smells ....i.e. the hand sanitizer"???? Just a thought. I so badly want to help you (and Kaytar)...through cyber-space:). Best wishes to you. She is such a beautiful sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Kyla I really don't think you are going to scare your friend away from having kids. Let's face it. No one thinks that they are going to have a special needs child. Even when they are close to a family who has one, they think that it will never happen to them. I'll bet what your friend is really thinking is that if you can handle giving KayTar everything she needs, and still have time to be the best mom ever to BubTar - this parenting thing must not be so hard. I am sure you are inspiring her as much as you inspire all of us.

p.s. I am so happy to hear she was able to sleep through and had a good day today.

Kyla said...

Angie: My poor friend, L, was convinced it was all her fault seeing as she had suggested the trop to the store where we bought the sanitizer. *lol* But we've really ruled out all outside triggers we can observe. It seems to be so consistently time based (roughly 2 weeks), besides the time span, we haven't found any similar triggers on any of the days of these things. It is a mystery!! And I always appreciate suggestions and theories, sometimes outside eyes can find things we overlook.

NotSoSage said...

Oh, Kyla, I'm so glad that this one was easier...for KayTar and for you.

angie said...

I wish that it could have helped. Believe me when I say that I do understand! Emma vomits..... A LOT....and although I know it is not what you are going is still a mystery to us. I am constantly trying to find "triggers"....yet, there aren't any that are consistant for us either. So, I guess I was just one mom trying to help another.....and I you anytime that you need me to, because this stinkin' journey is not one that any of us should experience on our own, right????

Best wishes to you:)!

Girlplustwo said...

My god. Wow. What an amazing mother you are. Glad to see everyone is better today. Really glad.

Run ANC said...

Wow. You seem so zen about things. I wish I had your kind of strength.

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Hey, on my bloglines, there were some other posts from you about an MRI. Did you erease those, or were those just updated posts from an earlier time?

Kyla said...

Raehan: They were updates...they had the pediatrician's name in them (they were very early posts) and so I went back and fixed it.