Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ABR in the AM

Tomorrow KayTar has her ABR.

This month has just been one gigantic sigh of relief. No seizures, stable MRI, she's walking, episode free for 24 days. It has been really wonderful. Regardless of the results, tomorrow will just be one more wonderful thing added on to that list. Either we will walk away tomorrow and know that she can hear perfectly well, or we will walk away knowing that she has hearing loss and will be able to get the help she needs. Tomorrow changes nothing, it only provides us with knowledge, and as cliche as it might be, knowledge really is power in situations like these.

I'll post again once we are home. I think we will find out the results while we are at the appointment. I'll leave you with something pretty to look at in the meantime.


That Mommy said...

That is a lovely picture of your daughter!

Mrs. Darling said...

What a beautiful child. So glad to hear Kay tar is doing so well. Hope tomorrow brings good news.

muse said...

What a gorgeous girl! :)

"and as cliche as it might be, knowledge really is power in situations like these"

You know, whenever someone says something like that, the old G.I.Joe "end-of-the-episode-message" thing comes to mind:

Some kid finds out that doing drugs is bad or stealing is not nice or some silly thing, then he says:

Kid: Now I know!
G.I. Joe guy: And knowing is half the battle!

*cue in G.I.Joooooeee music*


I hope you get the best of news!

NotSoSage said...

She is such a doll!

Girlplustwo said...

hi there, friend. waiting to hear, waiting to hear, waiting to hear. hope it all went well.

Anonymous said...

What a great smile.

Beck said...

Your girl is beautiful.
I really, really hope that things go well and that you get wonderful news.

~aj~ said...

I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!!!

motherbumper said...

My goodness that is one beautiful girl. I'm thinking of you and hoping for great news :)