Friday, March 09, 2007

Thursday, Friday, Saturday!

Thursday, KayTar had PT and she did amazingly. She is up to 12-15 steps without falling over! During PT, her eye issue really acted up the "jerks" were clustering and her eyes were staying off to the side for long enough for me to say "KayTar! KaaaayTar! *snap, clap*" trying to get her to look at me. It did not change what was happening, of course, but it did make me feel like I was doing something. It calmed down again, and we told the pediatrician, who told the neurologist; and everyone is looking forward to the MRI next week. I think they might be a bit more antsy if we didn't have that right around the corner. I know I would feel A LOT more antsy if it wasn't so close. She did say that it is very worrisome when it emerges in an otherwise healthy child, but because of KayTar's various issues it may just be an evolution of what is already occuring. We will see next Friday, thankfully.

Friday, this morning we met with the nutritionist, and it was very reassuring. She worked her mathematical magic on my Excel speadsheet record to figure out the average calories KayTar is pulling in a day (roughly 780). She is still gaining weight at this caloric intake, so she thinks that our new goal is to get 750-800 calories in on a daily basis. This will be easier than shooting for 1100, which we weren't making anyway. And over half of her calories are from Pediasure, so it is definite that she will be on it for a good bit longer. She did say KayTar needs more fluids on a daily basis, so that is something that will take some work. We bought some Gerber water/juice drinks tonight to try. Three months ago we had a nutrition evaluation and she was on the verge of being discharged from the service, because she was doing so much better. This time it was a different story and she will keep her quarterly nutrition evaluations for a while.

KayTar also fell in love with a boy today. His name is Luke. He is very handsome, some might say he is a hero. He is very famous, indeed. She was even spotting giving the handsome young lad a kiss.

More than once...

That's right, it is none other than Luke Skywalker.

BubTar "gave" him to her earlier in the week and they have become fast friends. She doesn't care about most stuffed animals, dolls, or toys of this nature...but Luke is special. Perhaps it is the orange jumpsuit (although I hope not, since that is what the convicts are sporting) because she doesn't not care for the Luke dressed in black.

Also, we bought her this toy for her first Christmas over a year ago, thinking it to be age appropriate. Heh. Today was the first day she's ever worked it. She and Josh were playing in her room and I heard popping and howls of laughter and assumed he was opening the doors and she was getting a kick out of it. After the laughter continued for a bit, I got up to go watch. What I found was Josh, asleep on the floor, and KayTar working the doors on her own, much to her delight. Enjoy!

Saturday, I'm going to Austin to meet Amalah, Sweetney, and DadGoneMad. This is completely and totally UNLIKE me, seeing that I am very nervous around new people and generally shy away from outwardly social engagements...but I can't resist!! Josh and I are taking a day trip and my parents will watch the kidders. It will be a nice break, I can't remember the last date Josh and I have been on or the last significant time period I've been away from the children in months. I think it will be good. And either way, I'll have lots of photos to show when we get home!


Ben and Bennie said...

I am SO jealous you live so near Austin, the REAL music capitol of the world. Have BIG TIME fun! You all really deserve it!

~aj~ said...

It's Katie's first crush! So cute!!

Hope you are having lots of fun at the conference. I've only read Sweetney a few times, but I'm big fans of Amalah and Dadgonemad. Can't wait to hear about it!

Beck said...

Wow, that's some famous friends you have! I hope you're having fun.
Who WOULDN'T kiss Luke Skywalker? KayTar has some fabulous taste.

Mad said...

Wow, you'll have to let me know if they are real people. They just seem so larger than life from here.

Glad to hear that the MRI is so close.

natalie said...

As an educator, let me tell you how amazing KayTar was doing with the toy!!! She was engaged in multi-step problem solving, which is NOT an easy neurological feat. There are TONS of neurotypical two year olds who would either not bother to follow through with that task or not connect the process. KayTar knew that there was a connection between turning the red knob and the red door popping open--that was obvious when she turned the red knob and nothing happened, so she realized she needed to shut the red door. She THEN turned the red knob again until the door opened. I don't normally analyze toys, but as I watched KayTar, I realized how important that toy is!!

I also laughed and cried at her sweet joy...what a blessing!!! That giggle was the sweetest. You're doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

I hope Austin was a lot of fun! We were at one time considering a move there, but I think we'll be staying in cold, flat Illinois for a very long time.

Be careful! That Luke is a heartbreaker. But perhaps Kaytar is, too?

NotSoSage said...

Aw, she's so sweet, that little giggle of hers is priceless.

Have a great trip!

metro mama said...

Be sure to post pics!

Girlplustwo said...

those are terrific pics..and i hope you enjoyed your break.