Tuesday, December 06, 2011

October Leftovers.

He's making this face on purpose. I still love it.

Origami Yoda

I know I'm biased, but he really IS super handsome.

I love these of my dad helping BubTar with his tie on Halloween.

He was trying to take a bad picture. He can't, evidently.

Pointing to her little hippo that the lady at the joke shop gave her for free!

Trick or treat! You'd give her candy, right? Even though she won't eat it?

And a couple of short stories, too...

One day at lunch, KayTar pointed to one of her classmates and said, "He used to have the most handsome hair, but he got a haircut and now he's got nothing. It used to be handsome and wavy, wavy like the sea!"


KayTar has been working on her handwriting this semester in OT, using the Handwriting Without Tears program and Abilitations Hi-Write paper. One day (waaaay back in October), KayTar showed me one of the letters she had written and I said that it looked good enough to marry. She thought it was SO funny that she kept trying to make her other letters look good enough so I would divorce the letter Z and marry one of them instead. In fact, she still plays this game with me during handwriting time. It has been surprisingly good motivation! 


~aj~ said...

"...and now he's got nothing." Seriously, one of my favorite KayTar one-liners yet. :)

Love the b/w of BubTar and your dad. He will treasure those when he is older.

leah said...

Honestly, KayTar is going to be a comedian when she grows up! You certainly have good-looking kids. Smart, too! The pics are beautiful - I can't believe fall is already behind us (time flies)!

Shellye said...

I know I've said it before, but I just love love LOVE your pictures!!!

I have just a few random questions...

1. KayTar's hair is SO LONG. Does she ever wear it down? It's up in most of your pictures unless she's at the hospital undergoing a test or procedure.

2. What did you put in KayTar's hair to make it pink for Halloween?

3. Did BubTar make his own Halloween costume? I thought it was quite original.

My interrogation is completed.