Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning

(In mobile photos)
Delivery of monkey pjs and Muppet Christmas Carol from the Elves.

Before church...

At church.

Me and my sweet little niece

Ready for bed!
Santa brought new mongrammed stockings!

BubTar's goodies from Santa

KayTar's drums from my parents.

The car is from us, the monkey from Santa.

KayTar and her boyfriend, Socko.

Santa put 'staches in his stocking.

Playing Skylanders.
Drumming her little heart out!

Hugging her car!
In his Doctor Who outfit.

He got a fez to complete the outfit, he was WAY excited.
Short synopsis: I was too excited to sleep last night, went to bed a 12:30am and gave up at 3am and started watching Netflix on my iPad. Everyone else was up at 4am. Everyone is quite pleased with their gifts. KayTar has been driving her car back and forth in the living room all day/drumming in her room, while periodically exclaiming her joy and thankfulness. BubTar is in Doctor Who/video game heaven. Also? More coffee please! ;)

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Sheila @ Dr said...

Seriously sleep deprived in the cason household! Love the sock monkey- he's huge!!