Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No, finals week did NOT kill me...

Yikes! I didn't mean to maintain Internet silence for so long! Here is what we've been up to...

On December 9th, the kids took photos at school with Santa in their fancy holiday-wear. BubTar wore a dress shirt, tie, and suit jacket (though he didn't wear it in the photo). He spent about 15 minutes admiring himself in the mirror that morning. The boy LOVES to look nice. KayTar told me, "I tried not to smell Santa, but if I was Buddy the Elf, I'd have ripped his beard off!"

Then that afternoon, I picked up TWO crying kids from school. KayTar was sad because someone else took the treasure box treasure she was eyeing. BubTar was crying because a large group of fourth graders got in trouble for running/being noisy after rehearsal and he had to miss outdoors time and write an apology letter even though he didn't actually run/shout. Sometimes life is like that and you just have to know that you did the right thing, do what is asked of you, and let it go...but he's not good with the letting it go part. That evening, we went to my niece and nephew's birthday party. It was fun until BubTar started losing at Wii baseball, then he pouted the rest of the evening. (sensing a theme yet?) Speaking of him not being a very good sport about losing...we were playing Wii Sports on Thursday night and he was losing to me every round. He told me, "I read a study that says if a kid can't beat their mom at any Wii Sports, they will never pass college and will be a stupid McDunderhead." Ha! What 9 year old tries to make up a scientific study to prove a point?! So funny. It was cracking us up!


The next day, we went ice skating with friends. KayTar had a great time, even though she fell a billion times and had to hold on to two people to stay upright...BubTar cried in the penalty box because he wasn't skating at a professional ice skating level yet. It was a very fussy weekend for BubTar. The funniest part of the outing was when this little girl told KayTar, "I'm gonna pass you!" and KayTar said, "Oh, it is ON!" Then seconds later, the other girl fell...and KayTar said, "Oooh, God PUNISHED her!" Ha!

After ice skating, we dropped him at a camp out birthday party with his friend who went skating with us. The rest of us came home to rest a little before having dinner with Josh's family and going to the Christmas house.

Sunday, KayTar and I made salt dough ornaments...a lot of salt dough ornaments! The boys started decorating outside (and it still isn't done, though).

Monday-Wednesday was spent mostly studying. Tuesday night was BubTar's Christmas play. He had a speaking part this year! Wednesday was my last two finals, I did great on my POLS exam, still not sure about Cal. Waiting impatiently on grades to be released! So far I have two A's and two unknowns. On Tuesday night, I took the wrong camera lens, so I didn't get any good photos. After my finals, I went to the kids' school to watch it again and get some decent photos!

After school, KayTar's girl scout troop went to a nursing home to sing carols. It was so cute and the residents appreciated it so much. One old guy with a Santa-esque beard, suspenders, and a Harley t-shirt, gave half dollars to all of the kids! It was a good day, but it sure was long after my late night of studying and early morning of finals!

Thursday was spent running a CRAZY amount of errands to prep for the kids' last day of school and holiday parties. I really could use more than one day between my last final and their last day of school. Somehow it all got finished, but it wasn't easy! KayTar had the bright idea that morning to make salt dough ornaments that say "IT" for her nurse and PE teacher (click here in case you missed the origin of this), so I ran around to find alphabet cookie cutters first, then spent most of the day making dough, rolling it out, cutting it out, and baking several sets of different ornaments so they would be ready for KayTar to decorate when she got home...but it was well worth it! Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a GREAT set of 100 cookie cutters for 9.99. It includes all the letters and numbers, animals, holiday sets for Easter and Christmas and Halloween, vehicles, and a lot of other shapes!

You're IT!
Friday was classroom holiday parties, followed by KayTar's girl scout party after school. It was another full day! After school, BubTar went to my parents' house and my dad taught him to tie a tie! He is SO proud. He came home and demonstrated his new skill about 5 times. My dad gave him a couple of ties, too, and now he wants to start a tie collection. So cute!

Both kids started to get sick on Friday, so we've mostly rested since then. Yesterday I went out alone and finished ALL my Christmas shopping! Everything is wrapped and under the tree except for two last minute gifts I ordered for KayTar from Amazon that won't arrive until the 24th! EEK! They aren't a big deal, so even if they don't make it in time it won't matter. Christmas cards are finally going out in the mail today...I'm a little late on that front!  It feels good to have everything done, though! Now I just need these kids to get well so we can have some fun! Josh is on vacation this week and I hope we get to enjoy it some. Just 5 more sleeps until Christmas! I can't wait!! :)


turtlemama said...

Just curious what kind of paint you used for your ornaments. The colors look so vibrant, and I love the sparkles.



Kyla said...

Just cheap-ish acrylics from the craft store....I think they were about .59 a bottle. The gold was an acrylic topcoat, it goes on white like glue, but dried clear and just left the sparkles!

InTheFastLane said...

BT reminds me of Dash....he has to win, at everything. It is not fun, sometimes. He is getting better, sort of, but we blame grandma, who always lets him win ;)

And if KT had smelled Santa, he probably would have smelled like beef and cheese, anyway

alejna said...

Wow, have you all been a busy family! I'm wiped out just from the recap! I did enjoy the photos and details of the many fun and festive things. (Too bad about the less festive sickness. That part isn't as fun!)

I am so amused by the IT ornaments. Perfect!

Katie said...

Must have ornament recipe.


~aj~ said...

The Tars have been busy! Love all your salt dough ornaments. They were on our list to do this year, but so far that's as far as I've gotten with that project. ;)

Glad you are all ready for Christmas and can enjoy the weekend. Hope everyone is feeling much better soon!

Sheila @ Dr Cason.org said...

Good to see you still around and studying hard!!

Shellye said...

Sounds like the holidays are in full swing at the 'Tars! It sounds like fun. I'm kind of avoiding writing about our lives right now because things are bad, so I've gotten lost in the lives of the characters from my book. They're more fun to write about, and far more interesting than me! *lol*

I hope KayTar and BubTar are on the mend soon!

I got sick EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS when I was a kid. I always ended up with tonsilitis and no voice on Christmas Day. I would be dragged to relatives houses running a fever and feeling manky, and I got all of these nice gifts and couldn't even say thank you to anyone. This happened to me until I was an adult! Every single Christmas time, except for one, and that was when I was in third grade. (I don't know what the difference was, but I was thankful for one childhood Christmas with a voice!)

Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Shellye said...

Forgot to mention that I LOVED the pictures! You always post the most amazing pictures.

I also loved your reference to ELF. The other day, I posted this on Facebook:

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.” If I ate like that, I'd be diabetic!