Monday, July 09, 2007

This day in Herstory

Two years ago on this day, KayTar looked like this:

And she ate:
Breakfast: Formula
Lunch: Formula
Dinner: Formula
Drinks: Formula

Last year on this day, KayTar looked like this:

Fierce, eh?

And she ate:
Breakfast: Slept through
Lunch: 2 YoBaby fruit and cereal yogurts
Dinner: Vegetable beef and banana apple dessert
Drinks: 2 Pediasures

Today, KayTar looks like this:

And she has eaten:
Breakfast: Refused
Lunch: Sweet potatoes and Corn; green beans
Dinner: To be decided
Drinks: Jugo con Miralax (juice with Miralax)

Doesn't seem like the amount of food that powered that lazy bald baby body should be able to power this active curly-headed toddler body, and yet, here we are.

PS: Yes, we're back to food tracking. *sigh* It is 3pm and she has had exactly 170 calories.


Kristin said...

Ugh. I always like "this time last year"/two years ago, though.

I can't believe how much her hair has grown in one year.

motherbumper said...

Food tracking is rough.

This is the first time I've seen her infant pics - what a cutie.

And today, the curls, oh the curls! What a little lady.

flutter said...

Oh the curls...oof my heart.

Sarah said...

Hello, this is my first time visiting! I was directed here from Moreena's blog.

I read your daughter's medical conditions. How hard this must be on your family. Prayers for your little one.

Your daughter is beautiful!

Becca said...

Oh no, I know you are discouraged... but maybe it's a toddler thing and not a KayTar thing? I hope it gets better for you guys, good luck!

Beck said...

I'm sorry you're worried, Kyla - but The Baby is going through a growth plateau right now and eating VERY little, too.

natalie said...

I'm with becca that hopefully this is a toddler thing and not a KayTar thing. M is way in to refusing food right now. Maybe that will bring you some comfort. She ate grapes like they were a personal gift from God for about three days last week. We bought tons of grapes. Guess what she won't eat at all now? Yep. Grapes. Or Peanut butter. Or grilled cheese. Or just about anything except goldfish (ish-cackers, peese...moo ish-cackers, peese).

Bea said...

Astonishing how much like herself she looks, even in that first picture.

S said...

Ben was like KayTar about eating when he was her age.

In fact, he still is. He's 4'7.5" and weighs 62 pounds. Think about that for a moment, and then be appropriately grossed out.

I know I am.

So, as others have said, it could just be a toddler thing.

TxGambit said...

She is such a cutie!!!! Loove the curls!

Hang in there with the food tracking/eating.

~aj~ said...

I hate it that you're having to keep up with calories again. However, KayTar is obviously doing so well and becoming even more beautiful as time goes on!

Julie Pippert said...

The food thing with kids can be so incredible, and incredibly trying.

Sorry you are having to track her food. That's rough---not just the doing but the why of it.

I had to for a while for P2 who did not gain weight at all for over a year, and now I'm just in the mental habit of it.

So today thus far P2 at 2.5 has eaten:

Pre-breakfast: Bowl of yogurt
Breakfast: wheat bagel (small) and scrambled eggs
Post-breakfast: fruit snacks, granola bar, small bowl of cheerios

Snack: Peach (the whole thing), bowl of yogurt and more cheerios

Lunch: cheese enchilada (no gravy), rice and beans (some left over), tortilla chips with cheese on them (sorta nachos)
Post-lunch: cup milk, more cheerios

She is 25 lbs dripping wet.

It makes me crazy. She is a bottomless pit. I no sooner clean up from the last thing for her to eat and she's ready for more. I try loads of protein plus healthy, and end up giving stupid easy things she can get and do herself, like cheerios (in pre-packaged baggies) and cheese sticks.

The doctor finds no problem and she's developing and healthy, but her weight falls further and further down the chart, she eats more and more and weighs nothing.

KayTar is lovely. I can't believe she can read...but that conversation was hilarious. :)

Amy said...

Calorie counting doesn't sound like fun at all :(

But I have to say those curls are to die for!!!!