Wednesday, July 11, 2007

He's a kid.

This week, BubTar was invited out with not one, but TWO friends. This has never happened before. He's been to birthday parties (with Josh and/or I present) or to his grandparent's homes unaccompanied, but never spent the day on his own with friends. Today he was invited to go have lunch at McDonald's, then to a showing of Ratatouille, and then possibly over to his friend's home, depending on the time. Friday we are going to meet his friend at McDonald's to breakfast (I know! So much trans/saturated/oogy fat in one week! But it is the price of a 5 year old social life, I suppose.) and then he is going to go play with them for a while.

With these influx of social invitations, I am struck once again by the fact I now have a KID. A KID! Who would've known? I know he is starting Kinder in the fall, but I think this emerging life outside of our home and family is what has really made it sink in. He is growing up! You just don't notice it. After the first invitation, I called Josh and said "Is it time for this? Is he old enough? Already? You're sure then? Really? He can go OUT WITH FRIENDS, without us? You're positive?" (Josh's answers were: I guess. Sure. Yeah. Yes. I said yes. YES, KYLA. Seriously, Kyla, YES.) Then I asked the same question on a forum I frequent. It just doesn't seem like he is that old. I remember when I started visiting friends without my parents...but can he really be that old?

This guy?



While we are on the subject of BubTar, I need some assistance from the wise Internets.

Can someone PLEASE come up with a plausible explanation for why the Autobots look like this:

As he describes it: "They look so mad and sad and have a frown and tears on their cheeks. Bad guys!"

While the Decepticons look like this:

As he describes it: "So happy! Look at the big smile! HAVE to be good guys!"

Because I? Am so tired of arguing about it 2,563,954,871 times per day.


NotSoSage said...

He has a point, there. That KID. Wow.

Run ANC said...

What a baby picture!

I would say that the Decepticons are trying to deceive you into thinking they're nice by smiling.

Katie said...

it is sad isn't it? That growing up thing is way overrated!

Kristin said...

Awwww, look at bald baby Bub. You have some bald kiddos, Kyla.

I'm so scared for when E-Tizzle ;) starts venturing out on his own like that one day too.

OhTheJoys said...

You mean someone is going to take my kids and entertain them FOR me at some point? WHEN?!

TxGambit said...

I know! A Kid. I have a 5 yr old too. But, I also have a 13 yr old. Imagine that for a sec. :)

He is such a cutie baby!

Sarah said...

They grow up fast these days. I swear I didn't have any social life outside of school until 3rd grade!

My Five year old Anna (who is also starting Kindergarten this fall) has had a busy schedule latley with her preschool friends. She does however see her 9 year old sister having a full social life, so she is starting a little earlier than I would like. At this rate, my two year old should start some time this year!

S said...


I lovelovelove that baby picture of BubTar.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh I really, really had a hard time allowing my kids to go off to friends houses. What will they be exposed to? Who are these people that want to bring my child home with them? I was obnoxious with questions, and I too called my husband on the phone and said "Are you sure??"

Unfortunately I am only marginally better now and my oldest is 15.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh and I almost forgot the best part! What a cute little baldie he was! I have baldies too and I am partial.

Julie Pippert said...

Look at that adorably baby face...gorgeous big eyes!

I know...I love the playdates that I don't set up and don't attend!

To starts when the kids make their own friends.

Hope Bub has a fun week!

Ben and Bennie said...

Wow! More proof of Picasso's theory that all children are artists! Bubtar's a sharp little guy!

Karianna said...

We have an Optimus Prime, and his darn leg keeps falling off. Oh, and his head. It drives me CRAZY. So yeah, I'm with Bub-Tar: evil!

motherbumper said...

(a) that baby pic is beyond cute - that look!

(b) can't help you on the transformer's debate. I'll ask SB for his opinion - that was definitely his arena.

(c) that boy has more of a social life than me!

ewe are here said...

Oh, he was such a cute baby! Those eyes!

But wow, a social life at the tender age of five ... guess I'd better prepare myself for that, too!