Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Things left to pack:


Things KayTar has learned or achieved in the past two weeks:

How to say "No."

How to suck from a straw. Of course she can't figure out how to swallow it from that point, but it is a start.

She touched Playdoh, voluntarily and without gagging!

Things I've dreamed about recently:

Harry Potter

KayTar's episodes

Harry Potter

KayTar's episodes

Harry Potter

That someone had taken an interested in KayTar's medical history and went through the trouble of acquiring her medical files to investigate. This unknown agent was mailing us specific test results, with certain items highlighted to give us more clarity on the important parts of her case. He or she would scribble notes in the margins of various papers and send them on to us, each one giving us a new piece of the puzzle. We had just received one more, what I thought to be the final piece, and we were about to open it, when Josh woke me up for breakfast. *sigh* Now I'll never know.

That Grawp was now one of KayTar's medical specialists...except no one could understand his notes in her file and he kept breaking all of his pencils. Poor Grawpy.

KayTar's episodes.

I awoke with a start a few nights ago, because I had heard a loud noise and I was convinced SOMEONE had apparated into my bedroom. Sadly, the realization swept over me that I am a lowly Muggle, and surely no one would be apparating into my bedroom.

Getting lost in an airport. Great.

Things to do today:




Better go get started.


Mad said...

go. have fun. miss your family. love 'em lots when you get home.

S said...

We're all just lowly Muggles, darling.

How can we make your dreams more pleasant, besides the obvious -- coming up with a diagnosis for KayTar?

Christine said...

Ok--some serious anxiety dreams!

have fun at the conference!

Julie Pippert said...

(HUGS) for the anxiety about going and leaving the Tars behind, especially KayTar.

(HUGS) for all you have to do.

and PHHHHBBBBTTTTT because you get to go, where you will miss your family AND HAVE FUN!

NotSoSage said...

I love that this is your way of procrastinating.

This lowly Muggle will not, unfortunately, be apparting to the conference (wouldn't that be SO cool?). But I'll see you after my long-haul 8 hour road trip.

Amy said...

KayTar will do great!! I just know it :)

You are going to have so much fun!! Can't wait to hear all abou it.

Karianna said...

I've been having combo-Harry-Potter-BlogHer dreams. The BlogHers Fight Voldemort!

But last night, I "met" you in my dream. You said, "Kyla? No, my real name is Naomi. And I am a dude." You totally didn't match your pictures, big hairy dude that you were in the dream. Sheesh.

Beck said...

You're gonna have fun. You WILL.
I had a dream that I was getting it on with Ron Weasley the other night. Oh, lucky me.

Kristin said...

Karianna's comment has me rolling. How funny.

But yeah, I was having some MAJOR HP stress dreams while I was sick the other night. I was, like, writing the rest of the book in my head and COULD NOT STOP. I hated it.

Have fun at BlogHer. Will you be blogging from there at all?