Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why I didn't blog yesterday...

Yesterday was Josh's birthday. Last night we recruited both sets of grandparents to babysit, and we drove out to visit our best friends. (My friend L married his best friend J last year.) They live about an hour away from us, but they come in to see us all the time...this is the first time I've been to their house and they've lived there a year. I am a bad friend. The evening was perfectly lovely! We went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory; we had drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Usually we chose one of the three "extras", but last night we splurged. We were shocked when J and L picked up the tab, and they were shocked when they saw the tab. It was quite funny! We are going to send them a thank you card with a gift card to Home Depot in it, because they'd never take the money if we tried to give it to them. After dinner, we went back to their house and sat around and talked for a couple hours. It was glorious! Adult conversation! I had good news to share about KayTar, and she had plenty of interesting stories from teaching at her "inner-city" high school. I love listening to her stories about teaching. It is quite the experience! We talked about anything and everything and it was so nice to feel human again.

Once we arrived home, we heard KayTar still being noisy in her crib, so I went in to say goodnight. I can't resist cuddling a jammie-clad baby. Well, I was surprised to see she had thrown up in her crib! She sat right up and signed "BATH!" It was adorable. We, of course, jumped right back into our real life of sheet changing and baby bathing as soon as we got home. *lol* I went out a bit later to shop for Josh, because we didn't spend our dinner budget, so he wanted an extra gift. As I was returning home from Walmart at midnight, Josh calls my cell and says that BubTar was throwing up at his grandmother's and I need to pick him up. We arrived home to Josh rearranging the living room (at midnight?!? YES.) and KayTar still wide awake. It was 12:30 before everyone finally settled into bed.

All in all it was a long night, but we didn't mind. Being out with our friends was so refreshing, that we were all ready for cleaning up vomit and waking in the wee hours with our kiddos.

These are from last night, she is propped up by the couch, but still entirely adorable.

If you're wondering, the couch is no longer in that position do to the rearranging. *lol*


PS: Is the Blogger Beta worth the switch?


Anonymous said...

She's a sweetie - and I hope she's feeling better today :)

I like blogger beta (esp. the categories) - it wasn't painful to switch at all. Definitely worth it!

muse said...

"Cheesecake Factory; we had drinks"

Wait, there is a magical place that sells both cheesecake _and_ drinks?!?

Ooooooh, I am soooo envious!! LOL :)

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

I want to know about beta too....I'll keep checking back.

Anonymous said...

I loooooovveeee footie pjs!

I think beta is worth the switch.

Bea said...

Re: Blogger Beta: Go for it! It's easier to use once you get the hang of it, especially if you don't have to import a header or custom-made template. Categories are the best feature, IMO.

Andrea said...

Isn't that funny how sometimes you don't realize you need a break until you get that "refresher" and then you feel so much better? I totally understand.