Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happiness is a cold front

It has been a WONDERFUL day! I'm all floaty and light.

Here is why:

1. KayTar had her first speech therapy session today. It was great! The therapist just kept saying how incredibly smart she is, and how she hasn't ever seen a kid pick up sign like KayTar has. It was so nice to have someone else (a stranger, no less) tell me what a smart little girlie I have. She said KayTar looks like a completely different child on paper and she was so impressed with meeting her in person! She said the way she has been picking up signs shows how much she is actually understanding. The theory is that the area of the brain that hears/understands language (temporal lobe) is not damaged (no lesions), but the area controlling spoken language does have damage (lesions), which might be why she has so much trouble with that. But my little girl is a smarty pants! :)

2. It is cold here! The temperature dropped from 80 degrees to 30 degrees. This pleases me to no end. Cold weather makes me feel alive! And it always brings the hope of snow, which is the most magical thing that can happen! Oh, how I love the snow!

3. BubTar has had green lights at school for two days in a row! Yay BubTar!!!

4. It is girl's night! So I get to go out with my best friends this evening!

5. Josh has a vacation day tomorrow, and I love it when he is home with us!

6. I spoke with the PT about KayTar's walker and she agrees with giving it a try. KayTar should be "walkering" soon!!

Random, I know. But all of it makes me so happy!


jo(e) said...

Hurray for all this good stuff!

Em said...

Isn't it the case, that the child on paper can never truly do justice to the child in the flesh?! I'm so glad the therapy session went well... it must have been so heartening and affirming. What a darling girl she is!

epi said...

yay! : ) so glad that things are going better!

Beck said...

Happy lists make me happy.
You should be here, Kyla! Not only is it cold but we're supposed to get TONS of snow today. You should see the heavy grey sky!

Anonymous said...

happy walkering!

Andrea said...

Yahoo! Positive comments from strangers can be oh so nice, I agree. It is like affirmation of what you already knew.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

YAAAAAY KayTar!! I'm so proud!!! Kyla, I'm so glad you had such a good day.

JSmith5780 said...

Meant to post this sooner...if you are going to work with Sign, look into the Signing Times videos. My kids loved them! Great songs and great signing work by kids and adults.